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      Our electric meter will need to be moved, as part of our building restructure. Also, as it’s a”key meter” I had installed for my tenants, I would like that changed.

      Has anyone had any experience with such a move?

      Any advice on meter siting (indoors/outdoors) or meter type?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Ricky m

      I’ve had meters upgraded and changed before. Booking it is a nightmare but the subcontracted sparkies who do it are fine. Moving it is trickier as they’ll need to cut the power or work live to run the cable, then you’ll need the meter and you’ll need your own sparky to link the isolation switch after meter (make sure you ask for one) to your consumer unit.

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      It can be a bit of a faff, about £800 to £1000. Something to check is if you have a looped supply, which I am led to believe cane cause problems, though these are not that common.

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      Relocated our electric metre around 15 yrs ago, wasn’t cheap but not prohibitively expensive either. (few hundred quid?)

      I think cost depended on how far you were moving it, ours was just to the other side of a wall to get it out of the kitchen into the space under the stairs so pretty simple and done as part of a rewire.

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