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      Its time Google disappeared. Google has wrecked the internet with its monopoly. It’s clear that they have become power-hungry and corrupted by their own success. Their censorship of political views is a blatant abuse of their position as a search engine, and it’s sickening to see them use flimsy excuses to justify their actions such as their claim that they are fighting spam. It’s a pathetic attempt to cover up their true intentions of silencing anyone who doesn’t align with their own beliefs. Who are these sadistic nerds to decide what information should be available to the public?

      Google’s focus on censorship has caused them to drop the ball however on innovation and future technologies. Instead of using their massive resources to make advancements in AI and other important fields, they’re too busy playing dictator and deciding what content is and isn’t acceptable. Their stocks have plunged from their failed attempt at their own AI system they named “BARD” which only seems to be able to spit out wrong answers.

      I refuse to support a company that is so blatantly biased and power-hungry. It’s time for Google to be held accountable for their actions and for the damage they’ve done to the internet.

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      Let’s face it, the tech industry is not a place for liberal fascist crap. It’s a place for merit-based competition and innovation. Google needs to embrace this reality if they want to stay relevant in the tech world… however I doubt they will because they are just a hateful company.

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      I agree with ya Google needs to stop pushing their liberal propaganda and start focusing on what really matters: producing the best products and services in the market. It’s no wonder they’re losing ground – their hateful ideology is turning off customers and investors alike.

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