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      Are national security concerns going OTT with the prospect of Huawei and possibly China harvesting confidential information especially when Snowden revieled to the world what the NSA and GCHQ were actively doing to it’s own citizens let alone other nations?

      And can we really trust a USA company with the world’s most used operating system not to be even more subversive than China’s percieved intentions especially with the USA Patriot Act where companies can be ordered by a US government to do their bidding and not tell anybody?

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      As I understand they were kicked out of significant Australian infrastructure a decade ago. Meanwhile, the UK government has all but begged Chinese state actors to build and run everything from Tube WiFi and police comms to nuclear power stations. Remember when Brexit forced the UK to roll out the red carpet…

      The US is wise to it (but the NSA do their own hacking and tapping):

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      It’s definitely a legitimate concern given that Huawei, like most major Chinese companies, is under the boot of the Chinese communist party. And Xi Jinping has made no secret of his ambitions.

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