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      Hi guys, I’m suffering from really bad foot pain looked at my symptoms online and looks as though I have plantar fasciitis (don’t know how I got it as im a gamer not an athlete).
      I heard orthopedic shoes can help but looked online and they look awful something and old women would wear. I also found that insoles with plantar fasciitis but after looking online the only ones I can find are custom insoles which can cost a lot of money and I really don’t have that sort of money to spend. Has anyone else suffered from this? If so what have you done to help ease your pain and stop it from coming back as apparently people can suffer from this for many months even years as it keeps coming back.

      Anyway any help would be great! Thank you 🙂

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      Like in the good old days… cut off the foot 🙂

      On a serious note… go and see a doctor, and orthopedist… asking for a health advice on thebosh is not advisable

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      Start with stretching your hamstrings and lower back (around your sciatica) and you’ll be surprised at how extremity pain seems to dissipate, especially when you’re chair-locked all day.

      Also ignore everything you read online and get advice from a doctor.

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      @burp Thanks I did think of that but I thought the NHS is quite stretched at the moment so I didn’t no whether foot pain was something to be bothering my gp with or not. But I guess your right and self diagnosis is never a good idea. That being said will probably be sometime till be able to get an appointment and my feet are killing me

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      I had this a couple of years ago. it’s terrible.

      It was suggested to me to ease the pain by rolling your foot over a golf ball for several mins a day while seated. also, you’ll need to get inserts for your shoes that will support the arch. It takes weeks to heal it.

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      I was told I had Plantar Fasciitis by a Podiatrist several years ago after suffering from foot pain as well. He suggested custom orthotic inserts as well but there was no way I could pay for them at the time. I decided to try some over the counter orthotic inserts instead and that has worked fine for me. Much less expensive but I’m sure how well that works may depend on the severity. As mentioned above though, seeing a doctor is definitely the best course to make sure isn’t something else.

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      Go see your doctor and or othotist/podiatrist to request custom insoles to alleviate plantar fascitis. (flat feet) transmedial arches lift up the arch of the foot and due to the materials used, reduces sheer and pressure on the over extended foot joints. that is the source of the sharp pain, think of it like over extending your knee, it hurts like hell!

      You basically need either metatralsal pads or transmedial arch insoles. Orthotics is part of the NHS service, but to be referred requires a GP referral, the NHS bespoke insoles cost the user the price of a prescription charge if your in the UK outside of Scotland.

      Another way is to look for scandinavian design footwear that have transmedial support built in, Merelle brand of hillwalking shoes have them for example.

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      I recommend some good Scotch. It’ll dull most of the pain and make you not care about any remaining discomfort. 😀

      But seriously, see the doctor. Your feet are nothing to mess around with. Get a professional diagnosis and go from there.

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      I would also recommend drinking lots of water too, I got gout a while ago, which I thought was only something rich old duffers got but apparently not, I’m an old duffer but I don’t dine on grouse the whole time. Drinking the proper amount of water got rid of it. If it’s gout you would notice it more in your toe or fingers joints, it’s excruciatingly painful and even a duvet sitting on your foot is very painful.

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      Ricky m

      See an MD/DC/Physio. They are able to diagnose and treat. This sounds very common but theres lots of conditions that affect the foot.

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      I dealt with this when I made the move to one of my new contracts at a hospital where I would walk close to 10 miles a day back and forth. The only thing that helped in the end (some of the other remedies like rolling your foot over a tennis ball helped but didnt fix it) was spending good money on shoe inserts. I would highly recommend looking into some for your shoes.

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      Transmedial arch supports is the only solution for flat feet. Some can be retro fitted inside normal shoes and require no further insole, but if you have flat feet, you probably also have callouses (hardened yellow skin, where the body is trying to protect the area from excessive abnormal pressure) on your big toes joint, almost guarantee it 😉 a full foot insole would help reduce the build up of that also.

      but make sure to get your feet checked by an Orthotist/Prosthetist/podiatrist who can pressure assess your walking gait at the same time 😉 its all linked.

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