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      Does anyone have experience of plantar fasciitis?

      I think I may have developed it, which is a bigger given what I do for a living :/

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      Here are a few suggestions off the top of my head for you to try:

      -Ice roller bottles
      -Lacrosse balls
      -Spikey balls
      -Shockwave therapy
      -Footreviver insoles
      -Going barefoot

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      Keep a can of pop in the fridge to use as an ice roller, and stand on your bottom stair on the balls of your feet, then gently raise and lower yourself about a dozen times, rest and repeat, 2 or 3 times a day. Extremely painful, quite debilitating and makes you feel like a very old woman hobbling about. First steps out of bed and after any lengthy time spent sitting are the worst but the two tips above definitely do help.

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      Yes. For the past two years. GP helpfully suggested insoles & showed me the door. Try stretching exercises to lengthen your Achilles – it has relieved mine to a certain degree.

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      I got plantar fasciitis only a couple weeks ago. I bought arch support insoles and a pair of special plantar fascitiis socks and have also been doing lots of stretches. I definitely feel so much better. Good luck, hope you find something that works for you x

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      For me the things that help are orthotics (custom made or bought online), stretching exercises and a spiky ball that I roll my foot round on. Things you should definitely not do are as follows, be female, walk a lot, grow older or have flat feet! I’ve been and gone and done all of them … ouch!

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      Thanks veryone for your replies!

      I’ve ordered insoles and socks and will start doing stretching exercises daily too. Ice really helped tonight as well.

      It’s been creeping up on me for months without realising what was going on, until today with severe pain in my heal.

      I’m not overweight but do walk several miles a day and am often very stiff in the morning, and my legs also often throb at night.

      Time to try and look after myself a little better.

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        It’s a horrible thing.
        I hope you get it settled quickly.

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        It’s been creeping up on me for months without realising what was going on, until today with severe pain in my heal.

        That’s what happened with me, too. I ignored the pain initially, as you do, presuming that I’d knocked myself. It was only when I was properly hobbbling that I even thought to mention it to my osteopath when I went for a routine treatment, and she diagnosed it and gave me a lot of useful advice.

        My PF is pretty manageable these days and doesn’t affect my activities, though it’s always rumbling away in the background.

        Good luck with it all, and yes, it is time to look after yourself

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      Yes I had it!

      I got it after my arches collapsed on both feet due to over stretching the tendons because of standing on my feet all day. I bought some heel cups made from gel that helped alot. They also say rolling a teniss ball under your arches help.

      I now have a awkward gait as my feet are flat and get a lot of pain in my knees and feet, cannot run without my special shoe inserts.

      Get it sorted ASAP I wish I had been more proactive instead of not following orders like excecises and reduce working on my feet.

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      I developed this a couple of years ago for six months or so…I’m blaming boots which were unsupportive and standing around for hours on hard concrete flooring. I took painkillers and bought new boots and it eventually went away…

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        Ive found ibuprofen works well for me^^

        Mine started off with my ankle giving way when running, plus have a bad back which made me limp a bit on my other leg, so think it must be a compensation type of thing. It hasn’t gone completely yet, but the difference is remarkable.

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      Check that all your footwear is properly supportive.
      Put something in the freezer – an orange or a bottle of ice cubes – that you can roll about under the foot. That gives a combination of exercise and anti-inflammatory ice.

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      Massage, insoles, cycling and change shoes. Don’t walk distances on the beach until you’ve recovered.

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        That’s how I flared mine up the first time running on the beach.

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      My mum has it,.her first flare up left her pretty much unable to walk for months, she had been up Ben Nevis a few weeks before so fit and active.
      Hers has remained fairly settled for a few years now although she does get the odd flare up, they have never been as bad as that first one again though.

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      Yep – very painful. I tried rolling and exercises – no joy. I had the steroid injection about a week before Christmas last year and no hint of it since.

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