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      I am aboslutly terrible with computers…

      I have a question regarding wifi extenders. TWTS(terribly worthless teenage son,) is away at uni and studying for exams so don’t wish to bother him atm so if someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it…

      We rent a little cottage on Airbnb that we used to let full time, that is located not even 20 meters from our home and I’d like to extend our wifi coverage to enable people to be able to used their computers(there is no television, neither in the cottage nor “chez nous,” and some families after a few days would really like to plonk their kids down in front of the computer screen when weather is cold, etc and/or, as some traveling sales people do, work in the evenings.

      It’s not rented enough to justify putting in(which already exists anyway from when rented full time,) a normal telephone line, costing roughly 40 Euros per month. I purchased the plug in type wifi extenders since, technically, the cottage is powered by a central electricity line coming from our main house. The problem is, I installed a separate fuse box/circuit breaker there and the “plug-in” extenders don’t work…

      Amazon suggests a great many products but I’d simply like to know if there is a system where we can transmit to an antenna(or between antennae,)from a bedroom window here, beaming to downstairs at the cottage to enable a wifi coverage?

      I am REALLY COMPUTER STUPID any aid would be greatly appreciated…..:)

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      you still have to pair the extender up with the hub… have you done that?

      ps be very CAREFUL WHAT YOU USE.. an awful lot are not actually legal to use. I know a friend who bought a wifi extender from amazon and it actually burst into flames. Amazon is just full of cheap Chinese fakes.

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        I’m computer stupid but I can read directions, lol….Yes, I paired the two up(and it works great in the far reaches of 2nd story Library where we had no wifi before…If’s legal(I think,) because I bought it at my favorite DIY Store in Caen…The wifi signal travels in the electric current, but like I said, since I installed a circuit box in cottage(to be able to work and cut power, without cutting everything to the big house,) it, of course, wouldn’t work…

        Thanks for your thoughts

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      Don’t know if it is any help, but my summerhome = two small buildings. My sister used one of them, but she haven’t been out for many years, however when her 3 children still came for a week or two, they slept in that house. I have a dongle in a router, which reaches around 50 meters, so the children could sit in their bedroom, and surf on my internet without any problem, all they need is the code to my router.

      Some years ago, my internet supplier wondered if I wanted to upgrade to 4G, and sent me some type of combined dongle and router to try. I took it out to the summerhome to test if it also worked there, but at least at that time, there was no 4G cover around my summerhome, so I sent it back to them, and kept my old dongle.

      So in your shoes, I would contact my internet supplier, and ask if they have any solution which you could try.

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      You could try a mifi router like this

      You’d just need a 4g sun to go in it and then you’d be away!

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      We have a little “guest house” in the garden (couldn’t really rent it out, because even though it have a toilet and shower, there are no cooking facilities, and there’s no space to install anything, not even a tiny “minibar” sized fridge or a single electric ring), but it’s enough for friends staying overnight and it served me as a home office for a year.

      It’s situated about 10 metres from the main house.

      I put a Netgear CPL adapter on my internet router, another in the little house, and a couple of others around the main house.

      All you need to do is connect your computer to the CPL adapter using an ethernet cable, and it just works.

      When I lived in the US I put a little Belkin WiFi extender in a downstairs bedroom to improve the signal out on the back porch and in the first floor rooms (the WiFi router was in the basement). It worked well, and was fairly simple to set up. Setting up required a connection by ethernet cable to a computer, but after that I could remove the cable and it worked fine for about six years, when we moved back to France.

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