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      Recently McAfee site advisor was auto installed on my computer. This has caused popups and other annoying alerts to appear when browsing the internet. Anyway when visiting a blog that I run I was alerted by McAfee site advisor: “Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there?” and told me that my site was very risky and even dangerous to visit (it is a custom domain hosted on tumblr, it is to be honest very mundane and boring).
      The site report accused me of Phishing and other illegal practices with no proof or evidence.

      For example, Mcafee states:
      “When we visited this site, we found it may be designed to trick you into submitting your financial or personal information to online scammers. This is a serious security threat which could lead to identity theft, financial losses or unauthorized use of your personal information.”

      “Links to web pages that typically arrive in hoax email, established to steal user account information. These sites falsely represent themselves and appear as legitimate company web pages in order to deceive and obtain user account information for perpetrating fraud or theft.”

      How can Mcafee be allowed to do this and essentially scare people out of visiting your website?

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      Before going super-aggressive and throwing threats of legal action about, I would get in contact with them to find out; 1. Why my site is listed as a dodgy site, and 2. How to get it changed so it doesn’t flag up as one.

      Immediate threats of legal action could close down dialogue that could possibly resolve the problem, and well, I’m sure McAfee have a large and experienced legal department…..

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        What he said, I’d be polite in raising my concerns and ask them to look into resolving any technical issues.

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      It’s probably giving a pretty reliable indication that tumblr is as dodgy as, and visitors ought to have their wits about them if they venture there? Maybe.

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      Are you sure there isn’t a bot on your site, pumping out loads of spam?

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        No, bots or anything like that. The way tumblr works is that its based upon their system so no php and limited javascript. There are no forms or anything like that on the site so I dont know where it is getting “trick you into submitting your financial or personal information to online scammers.” from. I’m sure I would get banned by Microsoft if my site was a real threat.
        The site is mostly about depression and how I cope. Been reading up on this and lots of other people experiencing the same thing for years. I guess I could always buy the McAfee secure badge from them instead to make my site secure instead…lol

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      IME antivirus software is usually more troublesome than viruses

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      I wouldn’t worry too much about it, very few people use that kind of software now unless it’s forcibly bundled on their computer and they don’t know how to get rid of it.

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