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    Some music grows over time (or maybe you grow to appreciate it) – “a grower”. Whereas some tracks sound awesome on the first listen, only to get more irritating the more you hear, “a shrinker”.

    I was massively disappointing by a new album first thing this morning and already (now it’s evening time) I’ve decided it’s the finest creation of the 21st Century.

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    This is apparently a problem with the streaming generation. In the most part if it isn’t a chart song they don’t get to hear it. My niece questions why I buy an album with only 1 or 2 known songs on it and doesn’t understand when I explain that most of the time there are other great songs if you listen to the album a few times.

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      This is true! An album can be more of a journey than the instant gratification you get by selecting individual songs.

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    I’ve experienced this, but with cheese. Moreover, it started off as a grower, then became a shrinker, but is now a grower again.

    With music, not so much, but on a world scale I think both Abba and Led Zep have seen the shrinker/grower thing happen for them, although both were considerable growers in the first place.

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    The artists/composers I truly love, I am more than happy to listen to the whole album over and over again. If it’s some random musician I came across, I might listen to their top listened songs.

    Granted, I have Spotify, so it’s easier to do so. The decision to get few Sonos speakers was conscious – I cannot even plug in a line-in to them (although I should really get Sonos Play 5 at some point). Works beautifully since I can switch from PC to iPhone or Sonos at any time and it keeps playing same playlist from the same timestamp.

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      Sonos eh!

      They look the bees knees but pricey.

      I’m set up using a standard sony mp3 player as my hub and then connect this to my speaker or car stereo with an old fashioned 3.5mm stereo jack aux cable.

      Deezer, Spotify and the like are really good but I don’t like how you have to pay monthly for the privilege so YouTube to MP3 conversion is how I source music.

      I do end up paying for some albums.

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        Yeah Sonos ain’t cheap but I hate wires all over the place and I can change sources so easily as well (although car BT and BT headphones can be painful to manage in some cases, but that’s iPhone problem). The quality is awesome and you don’t rely on Bluetooth or wires transferring sound – the speaker itself streams the music over the internet.

        That, and the sound quality is rather good

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    I have experienced this very recently with an album that everyone raved about (in my circle) many years ago when I was a metal head and I just couldn’t get on with it. But recently I re-discovered it on spotify and have listened to little else wondering what on earth I was thinking back in 1988

    Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime

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    As a consequence of a small improvement to the hifi, I’ve recently been listening to albums all the way through rather than just picking tracks I know I like. The effect has been that I’ve found a number of tracks that I’d once have skipped past have now rather grown on me. Most recently it was the title track from Paul Simon’s Graceland; didn’t much care for it before, now I rather like it. Other tracks that have grown as a result of listening to the whole album are Surrender, from the Urban Myth Club’s Open Up album and Circumstance, from Wildwood Kin’s Turning Tides album.

    No shrinkers yet, though I know what you mean about that.

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