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      So called GP Dr Natalie Rout just appeared on ITV news spouting more fear mongering crap about the rise in covid cases. The NHS is apparently struggling with record waiting times because of the backlog caused by the pandemic but instead of doing the job she is paid to do Dr Natalie Rout found the time to troll everyone on the news with a stupid grin on her face. Trying desperately to ruin peoples mental health with her unfounded propaganda about rising covid cases this sadistic bastard needs to be struck off as a GP.

      I am sick to death of these so called “experts” constantly appearing on the tv all the time just to troll people at a time when peoples mental health is at rock bottom. The last thing people need is to hear that covid is back and will mutate and kill us all but this is exactly what this sadistic troll was claiming on ITV news.
      Covid cases are not rising anywhere near the rate that these twats are claiming it to be. The ONS studies that these trolls use to justify their fear mongering is complete made up junk. The ONS does not use real world data to make these wild covid predictions. They simply take an extremely small sample size and then multiply ten fold it to suit their covid agenda to pressurize the government into introducing a Chinese communist party zero covid policy.

      Covid cases are not rising. We are are not in the same position we were when the pandemic first started killing people. A large amount of people have already been infected by the virus or have been vaccinated so the virus no longer has the surprise element on peoples immune systems. The virus has mutated and has become a lot less severe.

      The communist trolls that are calling for more covid lockdowns and restrictions such as social distancing and even mask wearing are trying to make people health worse not better. These restrictions have been proven to be not very effective at all with preventing the spread of covid and preventing deaths and just makes other illnesses through lack of treatment and diagnosis much worse… furthermore the restrictions also have a huge negative effect on peoples mental health and since the pandemic began depression rates and suicides have been at record levels… but I guess its those things that sadists such as Dr Natalie Rout want!!!

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      • This topic was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by neb.
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