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      Dr Andrew Hill from Liverpool university is yet another corrupt doctor who needs to be struck off the medical register ASAP!

      Speaking on the news today Dr Andrew Hill backed the decision by the medical agency to block vulnerable people from having the new Evusheld covid19 drug. This little bastard should not be allowed on tv’s let alone give “medical advise”. He is trolling the most vulnerable in our society by saying that the cost of the drug is too much and not worth it… essentially he is saying that the most vulnerable in our society should not get their lives back to normal?! Speaking to reporters Dr Andrew Hill claimed the drug wont not work or would be effective against the omicron variant however he did not actually have any scientific evidence to back this up. Furthermore antiviral drugs do not work like vaccines and are effective against all covid variants because of how they work. Many other countries have approved the Evusheld to protect people with suppressed immune systems and get their lives finally back to normal.

      Rather than targeting the most vulnerable who do not have a good immune response to vaccines and stop them from getting seriously ill dying… Dr Andrew Hill wants to spend billions getting everyone else vaccinated over and over again and does not want the vaccine cash cow to dry up.

      In my opinion Dr Andrew Hill does not want this drug approved because it would undermine the current push by corrupt politicians and doctors like him being paid by vaccine companies to push unneeded booster vaccines on everyone else. The omicron variant is not very severe at all to most people who contract it. Instead of trying to help protect the most vulnerable these doctors seem fixated on getting everyone else to take their endless vaccines and do not care about the people who actually are at greatest threat to the virus because that does not make them money!!!

      This isnt the first time that Dr Andrew Hill has appeared on the news spouting rubbish and trying to get everyone to take a vaccine who does not need it. Dr Andrew Hill has also appeared on the news saying that Monkeypox is a threat to everyone and everyone needs to take a monkeypox vaccine He is a queer little con man who is being paid big bucks by vaccine companies to troll and spout fake news on tv to get everyone to take their jabs at the expense of the most vulnerable.

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