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      Any decent Tablets online, or in the shops this Christmas?

      No interest in Amazon’s offerings.

      I bought 2 alba tablets, at bargain prices, as gifts at the same time from Argos on a punt from favourable reviews.

      They were both crap and became painfully slow at the same time. One was given to my wife and the other to my mom and they used the devices for different purposes but they still slowed down to be unusable at the same time.

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      Can’t help you with the tablet other than observe that there was a thread about this not too long ago, so a search would help you.

      Regarding favourable reviews, they’re a mixed blessing sometimes. I’ve written my share of reviews on the internet’s favourite retailer’s site; some good, some bad, some for cheap stuff, others for more expensive stuff. Amazon seems to have dropped the ‘unhelpful’ button for reviews, at least it seemed to have for as far as I could be bothered to look, which wasn’t far, but a fair few of my reviews got ‘unhelpful’ votes for posting what I thought, and still think, was valid criticism; other reviews get ‘helpful’ ticks for basically saying that whatever it is is the best thing since sliced bread. The majority of reviews for anything that you might class as popular technology get five star reviews from and voted up by people who in many cases are seeking to justify their expenditure by saying something’s fabulous, and not because something genuinely is. There are, amongst these things, always some diamonds in the rough, reviews posted by someone that has bought something, used it and perhaps not surprisingly thinks that it isn’t perfect. I pay more attention to those reviews, usually the ones giving between two and four stars, than I do to the fanboy excellence club or the ‘this is dreadful’ people (their reviews may also have some valid criticism of course).

      All of which makes me much more careful about doing my due diligence before buying online these days. I read reviews but will actively look for the ones in the medium ground rather than at either extreme and if someone’s five star review shows evidence of them actually using it and reporting back rather than just saying ‘It’s made by Drone company and I’m a Drone Droid, everything they make is fab and so is this’, then that’s a review I’ll read with a little more attention.

      So other than saying hard lines on an unsuccessful punt, don’t believe everything everyone tells you, I’ve not much other advice to offer. But perhaps you should write a review of these tablets on whichever site you bought them from?

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      Samsung S2

      Light, good size and fast. May seem expensive but you get what you pay for…

      Had mine for a few years with no complaints and don’t expect to upgrade any time soon.

      I would avoid Lenovo, I bought a Lenovo a and it was so slow!

      Hope this helps

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