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      Here are a few I’d like to see –

      Nationalise the utilities and rail services and employ talented people to run them.

      Sort out the tax laws so multinationals like Amazon, Google etc do not get away with paying very little and close other tax loopholes.

      Get the Government to employ expert negotiators so contractors and suppliers don’t have get out clauses so they can walk away from projects with little penalty.

      Link the pay of the staff of companies to that of the top earners. Whatever percentage increase is voted for the CEO, all the rest of the staff get the same percentage. Top salaries have increased far more than the average salary and some executives earn the average annual salary within less than one week; it needs redressing.

      End offenders getting ‘time off for good behaviour’. A sentence of 10 years should mean a minimum of 10 years and a life sentence should mean ‘life’.

      Much more work in prisons to address issues of mental illness, addiction, poor education and to prepare prisoners for release.

      Increase the pay of MPs by 10% and ban them from having any other job or position, paid or not, in a company. Reorganise Parliament so it no longer has ridiculous hours.

      Return the police numbers to what they were in 2010 and then increase them in line with the increase in population.

      What would you like to see?

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      A massive flow chart, detailing all of the Brexit players (from both camps) and the multitude of ways they’ve lied, gambled and shirked their responsibilities. It’s all got somewhat confusing and we owe it to ourselves to keep track and hold our leaders to account.

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      Sort out the tax laws so multinationals like Amazon, Google etc do not get away with paying very little

      I’d love to see this too but I suspect that truly resolving it would require a level of international cooperation that seems a long way off. I can’t see how you can fairly and consistently distinguish between legitimate payments to parts of the business in other countries and illegitimate tax dodging. There’s clearly a lot of the latter going on but I don’t know how anyone would codify a solid definition.

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      Proportional representation and devolution to the English regions, the shrinking of Westminster, which would become the seat for a federal government. Oh, and can we stay in the EU?

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        Yes, good shout. The UK should really be perhaps 10 semi autonomous regions, we already have Wales, NI and Scotland, why not have England divided into 7 regions with power over health, education and the legal system and with a certain amount of tax raising (or lowering powers).

        I want to see an end to the gig economy, better opportunities for the next generation that grow up in the poorest of families, proportional representation in the UK Parliament (it already exists in Scotland at Parliament and council level) and removing drugs for the criminal justice system.

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      I agree with all of those and would add 2 more.

      Remove the sentencing discount for coming clean and replace it with a longer stretch if you don’t .

      A limit to the amount of employees any given company can have in zero hours contracts. I see this type of employment as exploitive to say the least but I do accept that some people like the freedom so let’s say 95% of deliveroo people are on fixed hours and that leaves 5% to float.

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      Anyone who breaks the law should have to pay the costs of their criminality. If we can chase students for repayment of their loans I am sure that a system can be found for stripping all the assets of criminals so that their crime does not and cannot pay! Eg. no car insurance, pay for all the costs of being caught, have to get insurance (or at least a quote from a reputable company) and pay 2 years (or more) worth of that amount into a fund to cover victims of uninsured drivers. (At present insured drivers pay into this fund to cover the damage caused by the criminal few! I believe about 15% of your premium!). That would make it more likely that people would not try to avoid having insurance.

      If a gang of two or three or more commit a crime and only one is caught, that one gets his own sentence and the sentences for the other, ‘un-caught,’ ones. In this way the one caught may be more likely to give the names of the others.

      Victims of crime should be able to sue the perpetrators, even if it means the perps are left with nothing!

      It must be made so that crime is costly to the criminal and the victim can experience justice, not the somewhat watered down system we currently have.

      I have many other ideas but this is enough for now!

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      Electoral reform. if FPTP isn’t good enough for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, why is it still used here?

      Properly fund legal aid.

      Ban the government from using GDP as a measure of national success so that they can hide lack of development in the regions behind London’s growth.

      Ringfence the Social Care and Health Care budget and guarantee that they’ll be funded at at least 1% above the growth rate, with the proviso that they focus on prevention / trying to stop the increase in costs.

      Focus on trying to reform those who commit crimes rather than longer jail sentences; we jail the most people in Europe and its not stopping people committing crime.

      Actually set up the new press regulator recommended by the Leverson Inquiry.

      Decriminalise drug use.

      Shared parental leave and subsidised childcare (economic benefits from ensuring a smooth return to the workforce would pay for it within 10 years).

      Either properly fund universal credit, or introduce a citizen’s allowance.

      Sugar tax. Even if it’s just sugary drinks. Subsidise vegetables.

      Ban cars from the centre of major cities.

      Cut business rates on high streets.

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