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      Boris Johnson is a liar, sadist and murderer.

      Thanks to Boris Johnson the devastation of Covid-19 is far worse than it should ever have been and thanks to him THOUSANDS have died.

      Boris Johnsons allowed the virus to spread uncontrollably in the UK. By delaying lockdown, choosing to ease travel restrictions in mid march with other countries that were being devastated by the virus and even abandoning track and trace the only real tool we had to fight the spread of the virus. By choosing to do all of these things he helped the virus thrive in the UK. By allowing the virus to spread as much as possible at the start of the pandemic it resulted in it getting into general circulation making it near impossible to get rid of the virus even through a lockdown.

      It clear that from the very start the government were not interested in saving peoples lives. If they were they would have done a lot more to protect those that were at most risk of dying from Covid-19 such as the elderly but the government chose to do the exact opposite. Despite horrifying news reports of whole care homes wiped out in Spain and Italy Boris Johnson chose to send 25, 000 untested elderly hospital patients back to their care homes to supposedly free up beds and take the strain off the NHS. This policy caused the virus to spread into care homes and resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly people. These outbreaks in care homes were further worsened by the fact that the government refused to give them the support that they needed by not supplying care homes with any PPE or testing kits. Like a pathetic weasel that he is In a tv news interview Boris Johnson blamed care workers for the outbreaks in care homes saying that it was because they were not following government policy properly but he is the real one to blame.

      Here in the UK we have one of the highest death rates in the world and despite the easing of lockdown we are still seeing a horrific number of people are dying each day. Thanks to Boris Johnson and his crooked scientific and medical officers the virus is in general circulation and impossible to get rid of. There is simply with no end in sight with only talk about further lockdowns and restrictions. we are now living under a “new normal” under the governments thumb having to obey their guidelines and restrictions. We have no real freedom any more and what freedoms we do have we are constantly reminded by the government that they could take them away if the “science” says they must.
      These lockdown restrictions are having a huge effect on peoples lives and is causing unprecedented damage on peoples health and well-being and livelihoods.
      The longer these restrictions and lockdown go on far the more harm that it will do to peoples lives but the government does not care about saving lives or about ending this crisis. The governments aim has always been to claw as much control over everybody as possible.

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