Elton John Bomb Attack

Teen admits to wanting to blow up Elton John

An Islamic extremist has pleaded guilty to plotting to blow up an Elton John concert on 11 September on the 15th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks . 19 year old Haroon Syed has also admitted plotting to attack Oxford Street main shopping thoroughfare as well as trying to get an array of weapons to carry out mass murder according to the London’s Metropolitan Police who said “Syed admitted trying to get a machine gun, handguns, suicide vest and bomb,” and added “When he couldn’t raise any finance through loan applications, settled on trying to source a bomb, with a special request for it to be packed with nails so he could detonate it in a crowded place.”. Haroon Syed was snared by police after British Secret Service agents posed as fellow extremist online promising to supply him with the weapons needed for him to carry out his terrorist attacks. Polcie then managed to collect enough evidence against Syed to prosecute him. When Officers arrested Syed and asked him for the password to his phone he told police ‘Yeah, I.S.I.S – you like that?’.

In his online communications to police but thinking that he was speaking with another extremists he told them that he wanted a machine gun and a suicide vest to blow himself up “so after some damage with machine gun do martyrdom … that’s what I’m planning to do.’

He also asked for a portable bomb with lots of nails in it ‘portable’ device, saying: ‘I might put the bomb in the train and then I’m going to jump out so the bomb explodes on the train … So ask the brother if he can make that type of bomb with button.’


Harroon’s lawyer Mark Summers QC tried to defend Syed saying that he was highly vulnerable and was groomed by extremists online and that he was never going to carry out the attacks. He also said that police should have put him in a de-radicalisation group instead of gathering evidence to convict him.

Haroon was also probably inspired by his older brother to carry out a terrorist attack. Last June Haroon Syed’s older brother Nadir Syed, 23 was jailed for 15 years plotting an Islamic State/ Lee Rigby-style inspired beheading of a soldier on remembrance Sunday in 2014.

Judge Michael Topolski QC has said that Haroon will face a ‘discretionary life sentence’.

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