EA betrays gamers as Star Wars BattleFront 2 is left unplayable for many

According to an increasing amount of complaints found online Star Wars Battlefront is now UNPLAYABLE thanks to a plethora of server problems causing severe in-game lag and connection issues.

One of the main problems that many gamers are facing at the moment is the “ping site issue” that has meant for months many players have simply been unable to join multiplayer matches on the game. EA and dice who develop the game have betrayed their customers by not even ACKNOWLEDGING these problems let alone trying to fix them. To further add salt to gamers wounds it has been reported that EA actively censors complaints on their forums and on their subReddit. This has to lead many to believe that EA is simply trying to kill off the game so they do not need to support the game any longer in order to save money.
This idea that EA is deliberately trying to kill off the game isn’t too far fetched. With poor initial sales and the fact that when EA first released Star Wars Battlefront 2 they were forced to cut the use of loot boxes and microtransactions which has no doubt by hit EA’s profits hard, meaning EA is now trying to claw back as much as they can.

EA’s increasingly bad reputation amongst gamers should have shareholders worried. Only last month EA’s stock price plunged 12% after reporting poor sale figures and with many gamers choosing to boycott EA games EA’s profits will certainly be killed off!

What do you think?

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  1. Ever since I bought this game I have had constant lag issues (rubber banding, random
    crashes etc) but now I am unable to play the game AT ALL! Putting the constant lag issues aside for a moment…a few weeks ago I started getting problems where I would randomly disconnect from the game..but now after waiting a long time to find a game I am put in a lobby with
    only me there meaning I cannot play the game AT ALL. Just to take the biscuit even more.. not only do I get the ping site issue but when I am in a lobby with only me in it I get the slow connection warning. What gives?

  2. About time someone published something about this. I am very surprised when I see the streams on Youtube because most of the time this game is unplayable. I have two computers and get the Ping Site issue on both of them. Both are gaming rigs and fast internet. Do we just give up and move on to another game after investing so much time building up our profile in the game?

  3. Starwars battlefield sucks bad. I wouldn’t be so peeved that this was happening if the game was cheap.. but I bought it only a couple months ago for £50 and from the get-go I had problems with lag and now thanks to the “ping site issue” cannot even get into the game./ Hope EA reputation tanks and they go under for this.

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