SAGE: Dr Shaun Fitzgerald has a major conflict of interest

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who is part of government advisory group SAGE has appeared on the BBC news today warning that the UK is not safe until the whole world has been vaccinated and that covid restrictions should not be lifted. However it should be pointed out that Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who is an engineer and not a real doctor has a vested interest on keeping the restrictions and the pandemic going. Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Breath1ng Bu1ldngs a ventilation company that creates ventilation systems for buildings. During the pandemic businesses have had to adapt and make their buildings “covid safe” by installing new ventilation systems to stop the spread of covid resulting in huge profits for companies like the one Dr Shaun Fitzgerald runs.

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald should NOT be allowed to advise the government or appear on the news spouting unproven hypothetical crap. He is not even qualified to talk about covid and is only appearing to try to pause lockdown in order to enrich himself at the expense of others. Whilst so many people are suffering and dying this behaviour is from him is disgusting. Currently more people are are dying from suicide than covid. Peoples mental health is on the edge and many are clinging to the hope that covid restrictions will end soon and things will get back to normal. Now that the majority of the most vulnerable have now been FULLY vaccinated and cases and deaths are declining in these groups things are looking up. There is no reason for the restrictions not to be lifted or for scientists to appear on tv spewing unscientific conspiracy theories. Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is putting peopels lives at risk by stripping people of hope just to enrich himself.

What do you think?

Written by James

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  1. This whole idea that we are not safe until the whole world get vaccinated is stupid and is basically saying on an individual level the vaccines don’t work which isn’t the case. This notion that is now being spread by these fake SAGE scientists is not based upon science but greed. They are trying to make the pandemic and restrictions last for as long as possible so they can maximise profits.

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