Two bomb explosions in Rome

Scientific police works on the site of the explosion of a rudimentary bomb placed between two cars near a Post office in Via Marmorata, on May 12, 2017 in Rome. There is no victim reported. / AFP PHOTO / Andreas SOLAROANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images

During early morning rush hour two improvised explosive devices (IE’D) have exploded at the Via Marmorata in the Aventino district of Rome, close to a united nations building and a post office which was full at the time with people.

Thankfully nobody was injured in the bomb explosion and because a fire station was just across the street a fire team was quickly on the scene. Franco Zelinotti a fire officer from the near by fire station said that the explosion came from a plastic box across the street and added ‘We intervened with a  fire extinguisher because the explosion had caused a little flame.’
In photographs from the scene a parked car is badly damaged from the explosion whilst other pictures show forensic officers currently on the scene trying to work out exactly what caused the explosion.
Italian radio station RAI have said that police have disocvered two devices that were planted next to parked cars and that police are looking at all possible causes.

Forensic police exam site where explosion occured
Gathering evidence

Police have said that the homemade bombs were made with two bottles of flammable liquid inside a plastic container. The police have also reported that another unexploded device was also found at the site.

It is not yet clear who planted the bombs and the motive behind them, similar minor explosions in the past in Italy have been blamed on anarchists but in vulnerable EU many are fearing the worst and that this maybe a failed terrorist attack carried out by Islamic extremists.

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