Donald Trump’s job Approval Ratings go down!

Donald Trumps approval rating has hit an all time low when it comes to employment. According to Gallup only 33% of people surveyed think that he is doing a good job on jobs. Whilst 62% of the people surveyed by Gallup think that Donald Trump is not doing enough when it comes to employment. With such a low approval rating this put Donald Trump at a level not seen since the 1930’s!

Apparently Gallup says Donald Trump has been breaking records.but not the ones that he would like to be breaking.

No other president has had a full-term average of less than 45% approval (Harry Truman) while in office.
No other president has averaged less than 49% approval during his first year in office.
Only three presidents — Bill Clinton (49%), Ronald Reagan (57%) and Barack Obama (57%) — have averaged less than 60% job approval in their first year.
What is more here have only been four presidents since World War II that have at some point in their presidency registered lower job-approval ratings than Trump’s today. George W. Bush dropped as low as 25% in October of 2008. Jimmy Carter hit 29% in October of 1979. Richard Nixon’s job-approval rating was at 24% just before he resigned. And Harry Truman managed to reach 22 % in February of 1952.

Gallup aren’t the only one recording super low approval ratings for trump as a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal said the same thing with only 38 percent of those polled saying they approve of Trump’s job performance, whilst 58% did not think trump was doing a good enough job!

*However it has to be pointed out that these approval rating surveys can be skewed and manipulated by the mainstream media for political reasons. So these approval ratings should always be taken with a pinch of salt because you don’t know if they are truthful or not.

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  1. At what point do we accept responsibility? At what point do we say as the American people, “We are responsible for our happiness, breaking down racial barriers, managing our money appropriately, not over spending, not being a people swallowed in debt, so jobs can be created?” At what point do we say, “My president, mayor, and pastor is one man, so Im responsible for how my life turns out and we the people are responsible for how this country operates.” Man…we give a lot of power over our lives to other individuals and then when they cant change our life, we wonder why. Trump just got in office. He was handed a country that is strapped in debt and who’s economical foundation has been on the rocks long before now. I dont expect him to make it better, nor any other president. If we want real change in this country we better get back on our knees, cry out with repentance, and make SERIOUS changes, or i think were in for a lot rougher ride coming up than just this.

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