Donald trump wins US election and becomes the next President!


After the the most unconventional and controversial race of all time Donald trump has won the 2016 Us presidential election and has become the 45th US president after winning democrat stronghold states Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as well grabbing key swing states such as Ohio, Flordia and North Carolina giving him more than 270 seats that he needed to win the election! Donald Trumps victory shows that people and democracy cannot be manipulated and engineered by the establishment no matter how much propaganda that the main stream media pumps out, people still have their own minds and will bite back when something isn’t right. More than half of white americans voted for Donald trump whilst… 9 out of 10 black and hispanic americans voted for Hillary.
On the news that Donald trump won the election the dollar plummeted in its value as the establishment took out its anger and revenge on the American people for not voting in their puppet Hillary Clinton just like they did to the UK when the uk decided to leave the EU!

Donald Trump’s victory also had a very positive effect even if the dollar did fall as it wiped the smug smile of Hilary Clintons face and wasted a ton of lobbyist cash that the elite threw at Hillary in order for her to win, which has to be worth the devaluing of the dollar!

Donald’s republican victory will now end the democrat’s 8 years of dominance and will hopefully make america great again for everybody and not just for the elite… and DRAIN THAT SWAMP!


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  1. I am so glad that Donald trump won and not war lord Hillary Clinton, as she would have caused world war 3 with Russia if she won! Now Donald trump is president hopefully all of these silly proxy wars with Russia will end and they will start to work together for peace and a better world.

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