Donald Trump to investigate voter fraud!

Donald Trump may still be planning on locking Hillary Clinton up as Word on the grapevine is that it is thought that Donald Trump is planning an executive order to let him set up a commission to investigate alleged voter fraud carried out by the democrats during the 2016 presidential election. If it is proved that voter fraud was carried out by the democrats it would help bolster his presidency and end criticism by many of his opposition who have questioned his right to be president arguing that it was Hilary Clinton that received won the popular vote by receiving the most votes overall and so she should have been president instead. However Donald Trump has always questioned this tweeting:

The commission that Trump wants to set up will be bipartisan. This means that if any republicans chose to dabble in voter fraud during the election then Donald Trump could find himself with major egg on his face. The commission will look at various vulnerabilities in the voting system such as postal votes as well as how the votes were counted which could lead to manipulation. As voter fraud is a crime in America alll those found guilty could find themselves in jail. Recently a Mexican woman in Texas was found guilty of voter fraud and sentenced to 8 years in jail. It is very unlikely that high ranking politicians would get caught up in any voting fraud scandal because they would make sure that they got there backs well and truly covered beforehand.

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