Donald Trump talks about groping women!



A recording of Donald trump on a tour bus bragging about “groping” women has been released by the Washington post. This recording will now give Hilary Clinton supporters further ammunition to rip into Donald Trump and to say he is not fit to be president.

Here is the recording:

My opinion is that at the end of the day his comments on the bus were nothing more than banter between two men. Meaningless. I really do not know what all the fuss is about. Even though it was wrong of Donald trump to be bragging to his mate about groping women he hasn’t really done anything illegal and he has since apologized for his remarks and has said that it was all just locker room talk.. and he is right! men do talk like that all the time with their pals in private conversations and if you think otherwise then you are extremely naive. If anything it shows that Donald Trump is human and makes mistakes…

Here is Trumps statement:

The mainstream media are so obsessed with the things that Donald Trump has said but does not even mention the VERY BAD things the Clinton’s have done over the years, for instance did you know that Hilary Clinton Armed terrorists in Syria including ISIS!

This is because Hilary Clinton is corrupt and accepts millions in lobby money from big businesses that own the media, so that these plutocrats can get special treatment from the government such as avoiding paying their fair share of tax or helping to protect monopolies and let them do what they like. So it isn’t any wonder that the media is trying its best to make sure that Hilary Clinton wins the Us presidential election at all costs. The Washington Post that exposed this story is owned by the scumbag owner of amazon JEFF BEZOS!

So as you can see Donald Trump may say dumb things from time to time however compared to Hilary Clinton he is a saint and will most likely knock scum bags like Jeff bezos back where they belong and put power back into ordinary peoples hands…how democracy should be!

What do you think?

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  1. I thought that Donald trump held back a lot on policies in last night tv debate.. Hilary Clinton talked a bit about policies but you could tell what she was saying was all fake lies and she didn’t mean any of it.

  2. Trashy talk. He should’nt have said those things but Hilary Clinton supplies isis weapons so I think that is a lot worse!

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