Disqus censors internet comments

How to set up Disqus Wordpress comments? Uninstall it!

Disqus has recently introduced a new “toxic” comment filter to censor comments that it does not like. Disqus has partnered with google to create the new toxic comment filter using “machine learning” that is tweaked and refined by programming engineers according to their own subjective opinions of what should or shouldn’t be viewed online.

It is becoming more and more obvious that both Disqus and Google are up to no good. When it comes to disqus censorship there are countless complaints online about how Disqus is censoring legitimate comments for no reason other than to silence someones opinion. Google who is working with Disqus has recently been criticized for removing christian conservative vloggers on YouTube for “hate speech” just because they are christians. The simple truth is that these tech companys aren’t trying to improve the internet but to control it.

These big tech companies will stop at nothing to silence views on the internet that they do not agree with. The real motive for the new filter isn’t about combating online trolls but to simply silence comments. The toxic filter uses machine learning to read the content of your comment and identify the social and political leaning of your comment to decide whether or not it should be published. Disqus can also look at your comment history to find out twhat sites you like to read and post inorder to determine what your political views are and censor you appropriately. This is all done is secret, even the website owner who’s site you are posting on wo’nt know what disqus is doing behind the scenes. This means you could be posting comments in support of an article online but the site owner will never get to read that comment because Disqus decided to remove it.

Disqus also slows down your site… So there really is no point to it!

Despite being an extremely popular WordPress plugin used by many different blogs and news sites, Disqus is in fact one of the worst comment systems that you can use. Disqus is full of ads, if you use the comment system on your site it will forcibly inject ads into your content whether you like it or not. Disqus will also slow down your site. One of the main reasons that people install Disqus is that they think that it will speed up their site however this is not the case at all! Disqus is stored on another web server and when a user requests to load a page with Disqus on the comments need to be fetched from that server making things slower. People also think that Disqus helps to combat spam and troll comments, however, Disqus makes it extremely easy to sign up using multiple accounts and can be easily exploited using automated bots making it rubbish.

What do you think?

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  1. Disqus censored my comments which happened to be talking about God – on a Christian website.

    The comment “–” was fine to post using Disqus, but when I tried to post a comment containing “Jesus” or “God”, it was immediately filtered and blocked as “spam”. I sent a message to that Christian site where I had tried to post comments, informing them of this and recommended they delete Disqus from their site and use wordpress comments instead.

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 I guess these tech company’s despite making billions in profit they still feel threatened by the light/don’t want to face up to reality and don’t want others to read the truth either a real shame. By the way really like your site revivetruth.com

  2. Disqus censorship is rife. If it was up to Disqus and you hold “right wing” views or anything for that matter that goes against the fascist liberals then you would never be able to post a comment on the internet again. DISQUSTING.

    A class action lawsuit should be brought against Disqus for censoring people freedom of speech!

  3. DISGUST truly is a “TOXIC” filter of people’s comments (usually truthful ones) that they oppose. At least they gave themselves the correct description! As Romans chptr 1 forewarned: “evil men who suppress the truth in all unrighteous deception….”

  4. I have been banned by Disqus on all sites using them for comments. Leading up to this most of my posts were marked spam, with Disqus saying they were working on it, but they were not. I’ve come to believe that leftist trolls on news sites using Disqus mark your comments as spam, and Disqus goes merrily along with them. I’m also quite sure those trolls work for Disqus.

  5. Try posting on SCS Truck Software forums for America and Euro Truck Sim 2. Randomly comments go thru and don’t go thru yet nobody is saying anything.

  6. Did you know these articles are banned on Google all you get when asking anything about Disqus is links to Disqus.com help center. Google doesn’t list these articles PERIOD I had to use Duck Duck Go.

    Start Page uses the same crap as Google.

  7. It’s worse than that. The website moderators on the left of center sites (like theHill) work in tandem with Disqus to make it almost impossible to post. They specify posts as spam or other. That triggers Disqus to verify the posters as real people and not spam or scam. When you follow the steps to verify then they don’t reply.
    After contacting the websites they mostly don’t know it’s going on.
    So you have renegade employees who work with Disqus ( owned by a Clintonista and fired Apple CEO) to stiffle not only free speech but because they have the majority share of the forum market they connect it across all website forums.
    I have first hand experience of this. I called one poster on this as a moderator and he disappeared.
    That’s the next generation of how these totalitarians intend to stop opposition.

  8. disqus is the eqivalent to a totalitarian state that flag waving americans are always screaming about,they smother opinions from people who are supposed to be free,total bull dung.

  9. Yes they censor comments … I made a joke the other day saying that the only way to deal with mini terrorists would be using a HK MP5 (with photo of it) and my comment remains pending for 3 days ! the biggest problem is that the site is focused to the right and they can’t even imagine the censorship that the system of this junk plugin does !

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