Is the Democrat party rigging the results so Bernie doesn’t win?

Does this sound democratic to you? Bernie sanders and Hilary Clinton both tied in the Iowa presidential nomination vote… and then after a COIN TOSS Hilary Clinton ends up winning it! It all sounds a bit fishy to me and I would say that the democrat party are frauds and not democratic at all! My bet is that Bernie sanders in fact won the vote however the democratic party doesn’t want some rogue socialist who is against big businesses being the democrat nominee.. so instead they rigged the results!
It becomes even more obvious that the whole thing was rigged for Hilary Clinton to win when after announcing a tie they decide to have a coin toss to see who should win and low and behold Hilary Clinton ends up winning 6 out of 6 coins tosses… hmm I think that someone was using a special Hilary Clinton coin me thinks!  Bernie sanders also think something isn’t right and has since said that he wants the raw result counts to be published so that he can see if it was in fact an actual tie or not!
But I am sure by the time that the democrat party does publish the raw voting results that they will have been able to manipulate them and change them to Hilary Clinton’s favor anyway.

This whole shambles reminds me of the scene in octopussy where James bond is playing black gammon with the bad guy and only starts winning when he chooses to use the baddies dice instead. Its all in the wrist!

All the democrat party cares about are the mega rich businesses that are paying them.. the democrat party aint democratic.. especially if they think a coin toss is a fair and democratic way of settling an issue so important as this!

What do you think?

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