Dailymail spreads fake news about new “Nepal” covid variant

The Dailymail has spent all day posting and scaring people about a new vaccine resistant Nepal variant of covid19… BUT this variant doesn’t actually exist.

The Nepal government have rejected claims made by the Dailymail about a new super “Nepal” covid variant. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation has posted a statement on Twitter saying that it is “not aware” of any new Covid variant detected in Nepal.

So many people are struggling with lockdown and the restrictions and currently more people are committing suicide than dying from covid.
By spreading fake news about this fake “vaccine resistant” super strain of covid19 the Dailymail is putting people mental health and wellbeing at risk by essentially ripping away peoples hope and making it seem as though we are back to square one and things will never get back to normal.
All through the pandemic the Dailymail has been scaremongering with fake clickbait articles simply to line their pockets with ad revenue and get a little sadistic tory kick out of it all.

Contrary to the DailyFAIL’S constant daily scaremongering, things are looking up and there is no reason why the total unlocking of restrictions and social distancing cannot go ahead as planned on June 21st. Current data shows that covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths are on the decline in those who have been fully vaccinated and at most at risk of dying from covid. The slight increases in cases and hospitalizations that we are seeing in certain covid hotspots that some FAKE scientists are trying to point to to stop the ending of lockdown are in younger people. These cases are also mild and they are not causing people to go into ICU.

Things are getting better and there noi evidence that a covid variant can undue to progress made by the vaccine rollout.

What do you think?

Written by James

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