Creepy Google using 1.6million NHS patient records deemed inappropriate

The national data guardian has has ruled that patient data being sent to Google’s deep mind project has an ‘inappropriate legal basis’ because google does not actual use the data to treat the patients!
In a blatant example of cronyism upto 1.6 million patients record have been transferred without their consent or knowledge to google’s Deep mind artificial intelligence company in a creepy data transfer deal. The data deal was part of a “collaboration” between Royal free hospital and Google’s deep mind project. Google is apparently using patients data to analyse and to train its own machine learning algorithms which it may or may not use to diagnose acute kidney injuries using an app called streams.
However “Streams” has failed to materialize and the app looks set to be thrown on the scrap heap… meaning the data transfer deal does not actually benefit anyone except for google.

In a letter to the royal free hospital that has since been leaked by Skynews national data guardian, Dame Fiona Caldicott has expressed her concern about the deal the transfer of patients records to google. In the letter she states

“the purpose for the transfer of 1.6m identifiable patient records to Google DeepMind was for the testing of the Streams application, and not for the provision of direct care to patients.
“Given that Streams was going through testing and therefore could not be relied up for patient care, any role the application might have played in supporting the provision of direct care would have been limited and secondary to the purpose of the data transfer.”

Part of the deal brokered by the NHS and Google allows google to do whatever the they like with patients data which means they can use it on other apps without the patients consent.

Many critics of the deal see it as the beginning of the NHS becoming privatized. With many going further believing that google trying to worm it way into the NHS will help it create something similar to the mark of the beast using patients data to deny treatment to patients GOOGLE believes does not deserve to be treated.

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