Cow looks like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons

A picture of a cow that looks like rockstar Gene Simmons from Kiss has gone viral.
The picture is of Genie the cow who was born on Friday at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas. Just like the rocker Genie the cow features the same markings and also loves to stick out its tongue.
Hill Country Visitor, a tourism agency Located near the ranch where the cow was born posted on Facebook the images of Gene Simmon’s new doppelgänger and joked that Gene might be the dad posting “Where were you on or about November 25, 2016?” Gene Simmons is’nt offended by people suggesting that he looks like a cow by tweeting “This is real, folks!!!”.

Last month Gene Simmons dropped his legal challenge to trademark the “devil horns” hand gesture synonymous to rock music. Gene Simmons said that he invented it back in 1974. However others pointed out that the hand gesture was used in American Sign Language for “I love you”so cannot be trademarked.

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