Contrary to FAKE ONS data Covid cases are NOT rising

The Office of National Statistics is trying to finish off the economy with its latest “revelation” of a new covid wave and variant.

Despite being wrong so many times before the ONS is trying to troll everyone yet again by saying that covid cases have risen by half a million in the last week. However, what the ONS fails to tell you that this data is NOT based on real testing data but their own tiny testing sample from anonymous and unknown sources. Whistle blowers have already revealed that the data that the ONS is using for its predictions of covid infection levels is fabricated and should not be trusted, but this does not stop the ONS from trolling the general public with its fake data.

Its summer… a time when people do not get seriously ill from respiratory viruses such as flu or coronaviruses. The vast majority of people are not getting seriously ill from covid anymore since the omicron variants has significantly reduced its severity and thanks to the vaccine rollout boosting people’s immunity. Those that are trying to keep the covid pandemic bandwagon going and are constantly scaremongering have other agendas and are not simply trying to look out for people’s health. Mental illness and suicide rates are at the highest levels they have ever been because of the pandemic… to troll people by making out that covid cases are rising when they are not proves that these communist “statisticians” at the ONS are not looking out for people’s health and wellbeing

These latest covid case “figures” from the ONS come just in time for the national rail way strikes next week which are also being orchestrated by communist party union members to put the final nail in the coffin for the Uk economy.

The ONS severs no other purpose than purporting fake far left statistics and propaganda.
Sir Professor Ian Diamond who heads the ONS is a far-left communist. Professor Ian Diamond has been determined throughout the whole pandemic to do all that he can to wreck confidence in the UK economy with his fake stats in order to help Russia and China and weaken western democracy. These actions by the ONS and railway unions come as no surprise really especially when the whole free world is turning against Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine. By wrecking the UK economy these communists hope to put pressure on government to lift sanctions on Russia so that Putin can continue with his barbaric invasion of Ukraine.

It is time these communist infiltrators were kicked out!

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  1. If they love the soviet union so much then air drop them in Eastern Ukraine and see how much they love Russia then. Little bastards should not be allowed anywhere near our government and democracy.


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