Churches are ignoring and abandoning their congregations during Lockdown

Church acts as a lifeline for so many people who are struggling and are lost. Church is called to provide light, hope and support for anyone in need. However, so many Churches are ignoring what the bible says and have let down and even abandoned their congregations during this pandemic and it is utterly shameful.

The pandemic has had a catastrophic effect upon peoples mental health by making them feel isolated and alone. Suicide rates are at the highest they have ever been but some churches are still refusing to open and help people.

Instead of looking after their congregations many church “leaders” have done the complete opposite of what the bible tells them to do and have chosen to abandon and isolate their congregations during the pandemic.
Even though churches have been allowed to open for MANY months now some have remained shut despite all legal restrictions being lifted on July 19th. With the majority of people now fully vaccinated, falling covid infection rates and the option to safely gather OUTSIDE to minimize the risk of covid infection most churches do not have a valid reason for staying shut.

In my opinion many so called pastors are more bothered about collecting easy furlough money from the government and remaining shut than they are about opening up and spreading gods message during one of the darkest times in modern history.
Instead of opening up properly church leaders are resorting to cliquey zoom calls meetings to come together as a church instead. However these invite only zoom calls often shun and ignore those in the church who are not VIPS (those who give big tithes to the church) because the pastors do not feel they deserve to be part of THEIR church.

The worst offenders during this pandemic have been Pentecostal “mega” churches such as Hillsong and C3 churches. At the best of times these non biblical churches are extremely cliquey and lukewarm and are more social clubs for over confident attention seekers that they are churches and the covid crisis has only made them worse. These churches believe in an egocentric gospel where they believe that the world revolves around them and that god is some kind of servant to do miracles for them. This toxic attitude means that they are only looking out for themselves and are not bothered about helping others. Despite these churches being filled with people boasting about how they are prophets or that they have healing powers or can speak in tongues they don’t seem to have anyone in them with the simple but underestimated gift of caring for others.

The bible is filled with parables such as the lost sheep told by god himself about how a Shepard (church leader) should seek out lost sheep and help them. This is not what we are seeing in these churches.

If your church has ignored or abandoned you during this pandemic don’t think you are alone. There will always be other churches out there that you can go to that will follow the bible better and as a result will be more sincere in their belief and from that will want to help and care for people more. Don’t let these lukewarm churches damage your faith.

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