Church in Canada turns into makeshift mosque

An Anglican Church in Leamington (how ironic) Canada has decided to turn into a mosque in an effort to make Syrian refugees feel welcome. During the Muslim so called holy month of Ramadan hundreds of muslims attended this church/mosque to pray. Muslim community leader  Taha Halabi said “We tried to show the community in Leamington, and everywhere in Ontario, that Muslims and Christians are hand to hand,”.

Charlotte McDonald a parishioner from the church said “That’s just reaching out and saying here we are together — brothers and sisters of this earth, regardless of religion, creed, color, it doesn’t matter.”

However many critics have rightly criticised the church for accommodating a  false religion and is a betrayal of Jesus. This church should not be pandering to Islam but should instead be working to steer these Syrian refugees to Jesus instead. In Mathew 21:12 there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. This shows that church is for worshipping god and should not be used for anything else. The pastors of this church should not be massaging their liberal egos by showing the world how “accepting” they are by letting Islam take over the church. At the St. Mary’s Episcopal church in glasgow Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden resigned from the church after an islamic preacher was invited to the church to make a speech. In the speech the islamic preacher read passages from the Quran denying that Jesus is the Son of God.

Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden told the telegraph that “”There are things we should not tolerate because they are destructive,” and added that christians in the middle east were “suffering dreadful persecution at the hands of Muslims,”.

It is highly unlikely that a mosque in suadi arabia would invite a priest to come and tell the truth in one of their mosques.. so why should we put up with muslims coming to churches spewing lies. Instead churches should aim to do what this church is doing in Berlin.

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