Christianity in decline in the uk but on the increase worldwide

A British Social Attitudes survey has revealed that 52% of uk population has no religion.

It is therefore important that churches across the country do more to fill the gaping void in people’s lives and offer love, peace, understanding and moral guidance through Jesus Christ. It is becoming more obvious that this country must not loose sight of God and it is essential Christianity is not sidetracked by issues and pressure groups peddling their own propaganda attempting to undermine God’s truth and people’s faith. The void will be filled by forces beyond the control of the media elite.

With falling church attendance in the Church of England it is evident that the Church of England is not doing enough to reach out and preach the gospel to people in the uk. Instead of preaching the true word of god the Church of England instead panders to liberalism in order to look “trendy and cool” when there was simply no need to.

The constant drip of anti christian reporting in the media risks pushing this country into a moral malaise. This coupled with an undeniable crippling politically correct fear of criticising the obvious of Islam further risks the ‘Guardianistas’ losing the liberal freedoms they purport to hold so dear.

However Christianity is still on the rise across the world and appearing in the most unlikely places such as Yemen, China and North Korea. These are places where Christianity has been historically persecuted but the undeniable draw and commitment to Christianity by people living in these countries often in extreme poverty is evidence enough that you cannot keep Christianity down.

What do you think?

Written by James

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  1. The guardian has been constantly reporting on each one of these British social attitudes surveys and every small percentage increase for atheism for a long time. The guardian is devoid of any compassion or empathy for any issue that isn’t affecting the writers directly. However the guardian and so called modern liberals will not win.

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