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    Lockdown is turning covid19 into a SUPER virus


    Lockdown isn’t just destroying peoples lives and businesses it is also creating a super virus. A super virus which will know everything about your immune system but your immune system will know nothing about it. Lockdown should never have been used as a long term strategy and is actually making the virus more deadly for […] More

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    Professor Chris Whitty is a weasel!

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    The chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is a murdering sadistic weasel and needs to be stopped. Professor Chris Whitty is trying to prolong the Covid-19 crisis and is using the virus to cause as much death and destruction as possible. The chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is an evil, sadistic murderer. The advice […] More

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    The impact of Coronavirus on UK Business

    A global pandemic may temporarily or permanently affect UK Businesses employees, operations, supply chains and customers. The recent outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19, which has reached pandemic proportions has had significant, wide reaching impacts on UK businesses. The duration of the pandemic, health outcome, state responses and the timing and nature of […] More

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    Red Dead Redemption 2 “Has Exited Unexpectedly” FIX

    Today Red Dead Redemption 2 was released for PC, however a number of player are having major problems getting the game to launch. When they click play instead of the game launching they receive an error message that the game “Has Exited Unexpectedly” and are unable to play the game. Some people have had luck […] More

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    Capitalism: Has got nothing to do with Democracy

    Can we now scratch out that pithy bullshit idea that capitalism and the free market economy are vehicles for democracy, eradicating that lunacy from our lessons and group-think and understanding of the world and her politics, today? As motivating arguments, I present two not-entirely-incomparable new stories from the digital world of our time. Adobe cancels Venezuelan […] More

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    Are Donald Trump’s tweets racist?

    Is Donald Turmp a racist? No just a fascist. Are Donald Trumps tweets really racist? Lets actually look at Trump’s words, paraphrased only slightly for clarity: “Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, if they even have a functioning government at all, and who are loudly and viciously telling […] More

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    Abusive Passenger charged £85,000 for disruption

    Trending Rather a silly article, really. Jet2 don’t have the power to ‘order’ anyone to pay them £85,000 and I strongly doubt whether they truly ‘vigorously’ pursue members of the underclass for similar sums either, beyond a few silly letters from some debt-chasing agency. Things might not be so black and white. Since smoking was […] More

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    Melania Trump gets her own Statue

    A life-sized Melanie Trump statue has been erected of her in her hometown of Sevnica, in Slovenia as a “tribute”. But some have failed to see the resemblance to the first lady in the statue. The statue that has been carved into a tree depicts the First Lady on Inauguration Day in 2017, wearing a […] More

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    Will Donald Trump win a second term as president?

    According to a recent CNN Poll a rising share of Americans think that Trump will win a second term in 2020. We hear every day about the hostile environment Trump “enables” with every word he utters. Yet nothing is made of the endless hyperbole at every aspect of his presidency, the continual condemnation of Trump […] More

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    Kanye West slammed for overpriced “church clothing” merch

    A pair of “Jesus Walks” socks for $50 anyone? Kanye West has been slammed online for making a quick buck out of Jesus’s name by selling overpriced “church clothing” at a recent Easter worship service he set up. TMZ reports that over 50,000 people attended the Easter Sunday Service and it was there Kanye West […] More

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    Google avoided paying $22.7 billion in tax

    It has been reported that Google avoided paying $22.7 billion in tax in 2017 by using a Dutch shell company Google set up just for tax avoidance purposes. The Dutch shell company, which has no staff and is based in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district, is used to move revenue from royalties earned outside the United […] More

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    Google wants to CENSOR the entire internet!

    In the coming months, Google is set to release a new search engine in China. This search engine codenamed “Project Dragonfly” aims to help the Chinese government/dictatorship to better control, track and censor its citizens. The new search engine will use an extensive blacklist to censor certain websites and searches that the Chinese government does […] More

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