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    Putin is the worlds biggest LOSER

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    Putin is losing the war in Ukraine and now has resorted to empty nuclear threats to scare everyone into allowing him to carry on with his genocide. Russia can never win the war and hold Ukraine because Ukrainians want to stay Ukrainian and don’t want to join Russia. To keep the war going is pointless […] More

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    Imperial college London’s REACT Covid study is FAKE

    Imperial college London Professor Paul Elliot is a fraudster and his REACT study is fake. The Imperial College London’s REACT study on covid19 has had its funding cut from the government because the government have deemed the study unreliable and pointless. Professor Paul Elliot who heads the study (It should be noted that Professor Paul […] More

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    Professor Graham Medley is a troll & LIAR

    Last night Boris Johnson announced a delay to lockdown easing in order to vaccinate more people, however for some so called scientists such as Professor Graham Medley this still isn’t good enough. Speaking on various news outlets today Professor Graham Medley has said that he thinks despite the government pausing the easing of lockdown there […] More

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    Transvestite troll Professor Neil Ferguson is warning of a “substantial” covid third wave

    Update: Since this post was written over 2 months ago there has been no “substantial” covid third wave and Professor Neil Ferguson has been proven wrong. In fact we have seen a continual decline in covid 19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths despite covid restrictions being eased considerably and life getting back to almost normal. This […] More

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    Dailymail spreads fake news about new “Nepal” covid variant

    The Dailymail has spent all day posting and scaring people about a new vaccine resistant Nepal variant of covid19… BUT this variant doesn’t actually exist. The Nepal government have rejected claims made by the Dailymail about a new super “Nepal” covid variant. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation has posted a statement on Twitter saying that […] More

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    Professor Anthony Harnden is a worm


    Professor Anthony Harnden is manipulative worm who seems to want the whole country to be locked down and under the scientists thumbs FOREVER. As we approach June 21st the date when all legal restrictions and social distancing rules are meant to be lifted Professor Anthony Harnden has took it upon himself to appear/troll on as […] More

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    Professor Ravi Gupta is a troll

    Professor Ravi Gupta from Cambridge university is a troll who is deliberately trying to push people over the edge!Appearing all day on various news programs and radio shows Professor Ravi Gupta has been spouting complete nonsense about the UK being in the early stages of a “third wave” which he says is being fuelled by […] More

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    Boris Johnsons downing street flat renovation

    Boris Johnson is still refusing to answer the simple questions about who initially paid for the renovation to his downing street flat and his attitude towards the matter is starting to stink of corruption. Getting Tory donors to pay for things for his downing street flat I believe is just the tip of the iceberg. […] More

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    Lockdown is turning covid19 into a SUPER virus

    Lockdown isn’t just destroying peoples lives and businesses it is also creating a super virus. A super virus which will know everything about your immune system but your immune system will know nothing about it. Lockdown should never have been used as a long term strategy and is actually making the virus more deadly for […] More

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    Professor Chris Whitty is an evil weasel!

    The chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is a murdering sadistic weasel and needs to be stopped. Professor Chris Whitty is trying to prolong the Covid-19 crisis and is using the virus to cause as much death and destruction as possible. In my opinion the chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is an evil, sadistic […] More

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    The impact of Coronavirus on UK Business

    A global pandemic may temporarily or permanently affect UK Businesses employees, operations, supply chains and customers. The recent outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19, which has reached pandemic proportions has had significant, wide reaching impacts on UK businesses. The duration of the pandemic, health outcome, state responses and the timing and nature of […] More

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