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    Elon Musk to develop his own version of Chatgpt called TruthGPT


    Elon Musk has announced that he’s got a new project in the pipeline. It’s called TruthGPT, and it’s his own better version of chatgpt. Why? Because according to Musk, the likes of Microsoft and Google are using their AI systems to deceive and mislead people. They’re lying to us, he says, and he’s not going […] More

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    8 reasons why google is evil

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    If you think that google goes by its mantra of “Dont be evil” then think again! Here are 8 reasons off the top of my head why Google is evil and why you should really start searching with something else… 1.Google censors the internetIf you are searching on google you are not getting the full […] More

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    All there is to know about seo

    In this seo guide I will be telling you everything there is to now about SEO.. and just how boring it is. When the internet first began search engines would use a variety of on page factors to gauge the quality of a website. However because in the 90s the internet was still a new […] More

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    Lenovo computers suck

    Recently I decided to buy a new desktop because the one I was using was getting on a bit (6 years old) and was getting slower and slower. So I replaced my old computer with the Lenovo thinkcentre and to be honest I wish I didn’t bother as this new desktop that cost me £220 […] More