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    Russia bombs Kramatorsk train station in Ukraine filled with civilians

    Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine has been bombed by Russian forces. At the time of the missile attack the train station was packed full of thousands of Ukrainian civilians. These civilians were trying flee from Russian forces who are currently trying to advance into the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine. Ukraine officials have said […] More

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    BBC News spreads FAKE news and propaganda about Covid


    Don’t trust a word that the BBC news says when it comes to Covid19. Today BBC news has took it upon themselves to spread even more FAKE news about how covid19 cases. BBC are claiming that covid cases are rising but they don’t actually have any real scientific data at all to back up their […] More

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    Has Boris Johnson got away with the Partygate scandal?

    Nobody talks about Boris Johnson having booze up parties during lockdown and blatantly lying to parliament and the general public anymore… because it looks as though this vile man has successfully shoved the scandal well and truly under the carpet. Boris Johnson has got away with the partygate scandal thanks to the MET police helping […] More

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    Boris Johnson is a LOSER

    Boris Johnson is a complete and utter loser and the worst prime minister in UK history. Thanks to his corrupt, lazy and incompetent leadership where he has put his own ego and reputation first before saving peoples lives the UK has experienced one of the the worst death rates in the world with over 120 […] More

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    Sir Patrick Vallance has £600k shares in vaccine company

    It has been revealed that Sir Patrick Vallance has shares worth £600k in GSK a UK Pharmaceutical company who are currently developing a Covid-19 vaccine. This is a clear conflict of interest. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis Patrick Vallance has given the government dodgy advise that has resulted in the worsening of the spread of Covid-19. […] More