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    Composition techniques in art

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    Composition is all about making something look natural. Your brain will reject bad composition! No matter how good at painting you are if your composition and structure isn’t spot on it can ruin a painting! The human brain will instinctively look for good composition in paintings and will naturally reject anything that doesn’t look right. […] More

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    Space Gorilla

    I have been using my cinitq again and here is a space Gorilla fully equipped with a deadly ray gun and with those mad eyes you better stay well away from him! This painting took me around 3 days to complete, most of my time was took up trying to create the “metallic” cloth effect […] More

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    Sketches using cintiq 27qhd

    You might remember me posting a review on the cintiq 27qhd a couple days ago… now that I have been using the cintiq a bit more I thought I would just post an update on how things are going with this costly device! As you can see from the sketches above I have been playing […] More

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    My cintiq 27qhd review

    The best thing about the new cintiq 27qhd has to be its size and robustness. The worst thing about the 27qhd has got to be the gap between the pen and cursor. I decided to buy the latest Wacom cintiq in an effort to advance my computer designs to the next level. You could argue […] More