Brexit Stopped!


It seems Theresa May is wrong Brexit does not mean Brexit as Brexit has been blocked by the high court and must be voted on by MPs and Lords instead of going by what the people of this country want.

An unelected and unaccountable establishment judge has said that MPS and Lords (Lords arent even voted for by the British people) should have the final say on whether or not article 50 should be invoked. This decision by the high court is going to be appealed and brought to the supreme court however it is very unlikely that the supreme court will revoke this ruling as the supreme court is even higher up the establishment ladder as the high court.

This all means that the British peoples majority vote to leave the EU counts for nothing and that DEMOCRACY IS DEAD IN THIS COUNTRY because the establishment will always find a way to get what they want through bureaucracy and loopholes even if it goes against the will of the people.

Brexit definitely now hangs in the balance as there is no doubt that Labour will most likely vote against it and so to will the SNP!


One of the arguments some MPs who say that they will vote to stay in the EU are saying now is that the majority that voted to leave the EU were older people and that young people did not vote to leave the eu and that it will be the young people that will be most affected with us leaving. Firstly how do these MPS know that young people want to remain? Voting is meant to be totally anonymous also secondly I find this statement complete and utter nonsense. I am a young millennial and I voted to leave the EU as I don’t see the EU or globalization benefiting me at all now or in the future and that things are already as bad and just going to get worse if we remain.

Even if parliament does vote to leave the EU… this decision is still bad because we will have to reveal in parliament our exist strategy and what we want in our new relationship with the EU which can be used by the EU against us.

What do you think?

Written by James


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  1. So looks as though that is that then and Brexist is not going ahead. All I can say is that civil war has broken out over smaller things.

  2. I knew it all seemed to good to be true when they announced the results of the referendum.. noway are the big businesses gonna just let the “plebs” and “deplorables” have a say.

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