Boycott Adblock Plus!


Adblock plus is a con and should actually be called AdBlock plus ads because the fact of the matter is this “ad blocker” is just getting paid millions of dollars by big online advertising companies such as Google to display “acceptable” ads to you and plans to take this even further and screw us all over!

Adblock plus has just announced that it plans to not block ads but will instead replace ads that it deems bad with ads that it gets paid for instead.. This means instead of the website owner getting any ad revenue for their content ad block plus will instead steal the publishers revenue with its own ads instead.

Not only is ad block plus screwing with web publishers but it is also deceiving its users to click on ads because once you have installed the program many will automatically assume that all content that they will then see online will be totally be ad free and may click on an add thinking that it is not an ad.


I say boyoctt ad block plus all together and use one of the many free alternative out there that actually block ALL ads and not just the ones it aint getting paid to not display. One really good alternative that does everything ad block plus does is Ublock origin which available for FREE for firefox and Chrome.:

Or if you know what you are doing you can block anything and everything you like using the hosts file which you can read up more on here

What do you think?

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  1. One of the main reasons I use adblockers is to speed up my browsing experience.. if adblock is just going to replace ads then what’s the point as these ads will still slow down my phone or browser not to mention it will create a whole process initself to just detect and find new ads to replace the old ones with making it even slower than before!
    Also what right do adblock plus have to alter someone else website and make money off their content.

  2. I removed this piece of crap straight away when they did this…. its was always really slow anyway so this just took the biscuit! Adblock plus doesn’t even respect its own users and is absolute garbage made by a bunch of dishonest idiots who are trying to control the internet by determining who should make money and who’s ads should be blocked.
    Some pathetic person who doesn’t have anything better to do is also deleting all the negative reviews from the ABP extension page so if you go check out the wayback machine there used to hundreds of 1 star reviews but now as if by magic there are zero!

    I use ublock orgin now and it is sooooo much better!

  3. I don’t like how people are jumping on the hate bandwagon for ABP, simply because they wanted to make some cash for a project which has taken them years to build up. All of these people seem to have one mindset in common – that is that a company making lots of money off of their users is a bad thing. Why is this bad? I suppose you all believe that all rich people are innately bad as well. There *is* an option in ABP to disable the allowance of “non-obtrusive” adverts as well. Personally, I don’t even use ABP, I use uBlock Origin; but this whole hate bandwagon is a load of crap.

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