Heightbooster insoles for shoes (1/1)

Get taller with a pair of height increasing shoe lifts today! If you are not happy with your height and wish to be a little bit taller then why not try a pair of these! Height increasing insoles are the latest secret accessory taking Hollywood by storm! All the celebrities are wearing them because of how you can simply and as if by magic look taller without any obvious high heels or uncomfortable feet!

Main features 

-These insoles can increase your height up to 1.5 inches!

-Made to feel comfortable. Made from gel to absorb shock and impacts from damagin your feet. -These insoles also have added arch support to help make sure you do not over stretch your feet and risk getting injuries like plantar fasciitis…These insoles are something that you can wear all day long without damaging your feet, which is something that just cannot be said for other height increasers like high heels or elevator shoes!

You can put these inserts into any of your shoes and nobody will be able to tell your wearing them.. you will just look taller!

Adjust the height to what ever feel comfortable with the stack system!

One sizes fits practically any pair of shoes!If you find that the insoles weren’t what you expected or have any issues with them you can return them to heightboosters and we will give you a complete refund!

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