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Boris Johnsons awful legacy as the worst ever Prime minister

Today Boris Johnson out of spite has kicked Tobias Ellwood out of the conservative party because he was a strong citric of Boris Johnsons lousy leadership and helped force the PM to resign. This an example of the sort of man Boris Johnson is and exactly why he should never have been allowed to get into power.

Despite being ousted out by his own party for levels of corruption and lies not even the Tories could stomach Boris Johnson has remained defiant. During Prime minister Questions Boris Johnson spoke about how he will “leave with his head held high” and began to tell of all his achievements that is has apparently made during one shortest stints Prime minister in British history…

Immigration has never been as high. This is just one of the many things that Boris Johnson has left behind as part of his legacy as prime minister…

During his time as Prime minister Boris Johnson has managed to ruin the economy and devastated peoples lives through nonsensical and pointless covid 19 restrictions and lockdowns. Boris Johnson has also wasted BILLIONS of tax payers money paying for his own incompetence and mistakes. For instance during the covid19 pandemic up to £17 billion was lost because of fraudulent benefit claims. £30 billions was also wasted on a pointless track and trace system that did not even work. £9 billions was also wasted on substandard PPE that was never used. To pay for all of this Boris Johnson raised tax to the highest levels in 70 years! One of the biggest achievements that Boris Johnson likes to brag about is how he got Brexit done… but the reality is that Boris Johnson has not got Brexit done far from it just ask those in Northern Ireland.

It was Boris Johnsons lies and arrogance surrounding the partygate scandal that was his downfall as it finally became obvious to the conservatives that Boris Johnson was a loser. Boris Johnson has been a scourge on our nation but finally this lying, arrogant corrupt, cheat will soon finally leave downing street and hopefully we wont ever have to hear his annoying blubbery stupid voice ever again on tv.

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