Boris Johnson still refusing to answer questions about his downing street flat

Is Boris Johnson a wannabe dictator? He sure does have the qualities of one!

Boris Johnson is still refusing to answer the simple question of who initially paid for the renovation to his downing street flat and his attitude towards the matter is starting to stink of corruption.

Getting Tory donors to pay for things for his downing street flat I believe is just the tip of the iceberg. If Boris Johnson is so easily bought by a few rolls of fancy wall paper and furniture it puts into serious question his entire integrity as prime minister. If he has done nothing wrong then he has nothing to hide or worry about and should answer the question and put things to bed. However his refusal to even answer the simplest of questions about who paid for his flat renovation hints that he does have something to hide. It also shows that he thinks that he is above all reproach and that he is allowed to get away with anything just because he is prime minister. His attitude is actually the total opposite of what should be expected from a Prime minister. As Prime minister Boris should uphold the highest standards possible and if he disagrees with this idea then he MUST resign at once because he is not fit to be prime minister… a dictator maybe but definitely not a democratically elected leader.

Every day new scandals come out about Boris Johnson and his corrupt government, but everyday Boris Johnson refuses to even acknowledge that there is a problem because he is the problem. He believes that he is not accountable to the British public and that he does not think that these things even matter but quite rightly this will be his downfall. It needs to be for the sake of this country.

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Written by James

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