Boris Johnson is a LOSER

Boris Johnson is a complete and utter loser and the worst prime minister in UK history. Thanks to his corrupt, lazy and incompetent leadership where he has put his own ego and reputation first before saving peoples lives the UK has experienced one of the the worst death rates in the world with over 120 000 people who have sadly died from the virus.

The buck stops at Boris Johnson. His handling of this pandemic from the very onset was utterly shameful and has cost so many lives. By not acting fast enough or even taking the virus seriously enough at the start it allowed the virus to spread out of control and into general circulation making it near impossible to get rid of and as a result we have been paying ever since for HIS failure.

We have been under never ending covid19 restrictions and lockdowns for a whole year now which have stripped us of our freedoms and basic human rights. The restrictions have not helped in the slightest, 120 000 people have still died and the knock on effect of the restrictions have devastated peoples lives and businesses and in fact have even caused the virus to mutate and become more spreadable and more deadly for young people.

Boris Johnson does not care at all about all the mistakes that he has made. He isn’t bothered about saving lives, he isn’t even bothered about meeting the families of those who have died of covdi19. The only thing that he is bothered about is saving his own reputation. At the cost of the tax payer Boris has hired 3 personal photographers to help him with boosting his crumbling PR. He has also resorted to lingering around vaccination centres bugging elderly people there to tap his sweat smelly elbow with theirs, desperately trying to vindicate himself by getting some reflective glory from the vaccination program.

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