Bono bans Donald Trump from U2 tour

We don’t know if Donald Trump is into U2 or not but if he is he might be in for a disappoint especially if he has tickets for their latest tour..because he’s been banned!

U2 frontman Bono has banned Donald Trump from his North American tour which marks the 30 year anniversary since u2’s first album the Joshua tree because of his politics.

In an interview with the Irish independent  Bono has said that republicans who voted for Trump are welcome but Donald Trump is not because of him planning to cut funding to hiv/aids research which was revealed in government draft budget documents in march.

“Trump’s supporters – the people who voted for Trump – are welcome at U2 gigs in America, but Donald Trump himself is not welcome at U2 gigs in America,” the Elevation singer told the Irish Independent newspaper. “I welcome his supporters. But him? I don’t want him here. A person like that.”.

Bono also said “I don’t want to meet a person like that,” the rocker explains. “I don’t think this hyperbole – the largest intervention in the history of medicine is the fight against HIV/AIDS and the Americans have led it.”

Bono has met Vice President pence who is also fighting to keep the funding.

In the same interview Bono also revealed that u2’s newest upcoming album will be released later this year…previously Bono revealed  that since Donald Trump was elected as president it prompted u2 to stop making the upcoming album and shifted their focus to the Joshua tour instead.

u2 will be concluding their tour on 1st July in Cleveland then u2 will be heading out to Europe!



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