Beyoncé is crowned the most influential celebrity on Instagram

Each one of Beyoncé posts is worth a massive $1 million

Turns out queen bey is also queen of social media.

A social media research firm D’Marie Analytics has estimated Queen Bey is the most influential celebrity on instagram and every time she posts it is worth $1million to advertisers. The social media firm used a number of metric such as the numbers of followers, post reach, click rate and user engagement to crown her the most influential celebrity.
However you do not need a bunch of computer boffins to tell you that Beyonce is the most influential celebrity on instagram as it was quite clear in February when she posted a picture with her husband Jay z announcing her pregnancy on instagram which resulted in a social media frenzy with the picture being liked by over 10 million times, making it the most liked post in instagram’s entire history and smashing Selena Gomez previous record of 6.6 million likes with a picture of her drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle with her lyrics on it.
It is also no surprising that D’Marie Analytics have named Selena Gomez as the second most influential star on social media with a single post from her estimated to be worth $775 000 each!

It isn’t thought that either Beyonce or Selena Gomez get paid every time they make a post but if they did they certainly would be a even more richer (until people finally got sick of them constantly advertising their junk).

There is a much deeper question that must be asked? Do these celebs have too much influence especially on the younger generation? With all of this great influence comes great responsibility and many people question just how responsible many of these high profile stars are being with their influence who often sell out to the highest bidder rather than protecting their fans who follow and support them.
Last year wikileaks revealed how the hilary Clinton campaign wanted to use high profile celebs to influence young people to vote for her.
Beyonce was one of those celebs and used her influence as last year she tried to sway voters in america to vote for Hilary Clinton by appearing at a concert held for her by wowing and dazzling younger voters and making them vote based upon superficial reason rather than political ones.

What do you think?

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