Beyonce and Jay-z get massive mortgage to buy new $111 million mansion in Bel-air

It has been revealed the Beyonce and Jay-z have a massive mortgage after buying their Bel-Air mansion for $111 million. To buy the mansion the couple took out a massive mortgage of $66.9 million! Paying off the mortgage will cost $319,527 every single month for the next 30 years. However seeing as the couple has a combined wealth of $1.4 billion paying off their mortgage shouldn’t be a problem for them. The fact that the couple has chosen to get a mortgage to buy their new house rather than buying the house out right has left many puzzled. However, it may have something to do with US laws that let mortgage repayments be tax deductible, allowing Beyonce and Jay-z to avoid paying some tax.

The mega mansion in Bel air is built on 2 acres of land and boasts no more than four outdoor swimming pools, a media room (AKA home cinema), a spa and wellness centre, staff quarters, a basketball court and 30,000 square feet of living space. Some eagle eyed fans have noticed that the couples new home is also in the shape of the number 4. This is weird seeing as Beyonce already has the number 4 in Roman numerals inked on her hand and is even in her daughter’s name. (Some weird ocult symbolism worship maybe? or just an odd obsession with the number 4?).
Beyonce and Jay-z will move into the mansion soon with their three kids three kids: Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter.

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