BBC News spreads FAKE news and propaganda about Covid

Don’t trust a word that the BBC news says when it comes to Covid19. Today BBC news has took it upon themselves to spread even more FAKE news about how covid19 cases. BBC are claiming that covid cases are rising but they don’t actually have any real scientific data at all to back up their claims.
Instead of using actual scientific data they are quoting data from the Office of National Statistics however what they do not tell you is the ONS data is not real world data. ONS data is based upon taking a very small “random” testing sample from the community and then statisticians then use this sample to the speculate what think the case rate might be for the entire country. The tests used for the ONS studies are reportedly said to be very unreliable and the results being used can be from people carrying out their own tests at home as well as reports from whistle blowers that some of the results from the tests have simply been made up.

This isn’t the first time that the BBC have used fake data to back up their false claims. Right through the entire pandemic the BBC have been relentless pumping out scaremongering propaganda to get people to do what they want. The BBC will use fake “scientists” that have no actual qualifications in viruses to back up their fake news. For example through out this pandemic they have brought on Professor Stephen Reicher and Professor Susan Michie (Communist Party member) who are both behavioural phycologists to talk about covid19. BBC will also use the “expert opinions” of quack scientists such as Professor Ravi Gupta who has often appeared on the BBC to spout his hypothetical crap. Last Summer Ravi Gupta claimed that Covd19 would mutate into a super variant and that we would see a huge new wave that would kill 1 in 3 people. However since then Ravi Gupta has been proven wrong and we have actually seen 2 new variants of covid19 that have dramatically decreased the severity of illness that you get from the virus.

Despite having zero scientific proof that covid cases are rising the fake BBC are trying to scare everyone into thinking that covid is rising and that the pandemic will never end. This propaganda from the BBC also coincides with the push by big pharma to get people to have yet ANOTHER coivd19 booster jab for spring… How convenient!

The BBC news is ran by greedy overpaid far left news editors. There is nothing stopping them from accepting payments from big drug companies for them to pump out as much covid19 propaganda as they can so that they can scare everyone into taking more covid19 vaccines that they may or may not need. In my opinion it is obvious that this is exactly what they are doing!

The BBC journalists do not care about the effects that trolling their fake news will have on peoples mental health and wellbeing. Hugh Pym who is the Chief Health correspondent at the the BBC loves to play devils advocate and typically has big grin on his face when delivering bad news about covid. It is no surprise though that the BBC is full of sick sadists like this after all it was the place that Jimmy Saville thrived for decades.

The BBC will never report on any positive news about the pandemic only fake news that supports their far-left, pro lockdown narrative. For example the BBC never reported on an America study that proved that lockdowns only reduced the mortality rate of covid19 by only 0.2% or about a licensed new drug from AstraZeneca which is 80% effective at preventing covid in immunosuppressed people.
The truth of the matter is that things are getting back to normal and no amount of wishful thinking and trolling from the BBC can stop this fact.

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