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Avoid webhostingtalk!

If you are looking for a good reliable host or even for a mediocre one then don’t bother looking for hosting on webhostingtalk! This self proclaimed expert webhosting forum is just nothing more than a cesspool for scams and rip offs!
I have bought a number of hosting plans from webhostingtalk sellers over the years and I have finally learnt my lesson to never buy from another host from that forum ever again! In my experience most of the sellers will offer you super cheap hosting.. get you to subscribe to their plan for a year and after a couple of weeks shut down your site and run off with your money. Only a hand full of the hosts that I used provided me with an okay hosting service whilst the majority left me angry, out of pocket and no website!

People selling hosting on this forum are scammers and do not know a thing about setting up a secure and fast host. Furthermore a lot of the great reviews raving about the hosts just come from the hosts themselves using different forum accounts as it is so easy and quick to set up different accounts and write reviews on that site meaning that you can be the best host in the world in no time!
If you have the guts to complain about the hosting on the forum the scammers will have each others backs  as if you have a complaint and voice this complaint on the forum you will be quickly met with other clairvoyant users telling you that it is your fault in some way like it is your fault that your site has been hacked. and will resort to insults and jibes to protect the truth that webhostingtalk is nothing more than a snakeoil trap and a scammers haven!
Like I said  before 90% of the time if you go for hosting on that forum you will find that after a couple of months after paying for a whole year hosting the host will simply pull the plug and you will wake up one day without any warning without a site! Even if this isn’t the case with a snail paced website, appalling up time and error after error you will be wishing to be put out of your misery and for the host to just run away and then at least that way you have a bit of chance to recoup some of you money through a PayPal dispute.
Even if your site stays up your site has higher chance of getting hacked! Many of the sellers on this forum really have no clue about setting up a secure host (maybe a reason for this is because they are located in third world countries and lack a education?).

For example I bought hosting from a company called eleven2 at $2.98 a month for shared hosting that I found on webhstingtalk. After hosting my wordpress blog with eleven2 for a only a couple of months I received a email from the German Savings Banks Financial
Group which said that the server that I was hosting my site on had been compromised and that my website was now being used in phishing attack against their customers I then started to investigate immediately and it turned out that my site had been hacked not just by 1 hacker but by numerous different hackers!
My site was defaced, the homepage turned into a school uniform spam site and tons more spam pages and links added to it! I then turned to webhostingtalk to vent my frustration and to see if anyone else had problems with hacking on eleven2.
After creating a new forum thread and explaining my situation of how I created a fresh wordpress site which was fully updated with no extra plugins and used a secure password I was just told that it was all my fault that I was hacked.
One of the hackers who defaced my site left the footprint “hacked by ####” on my site I then used this to find other sites that this hacker had hacked with a search engine… I found a number of sites and doing a whois search of these sites found out that these sites were also hosted on eleven2. Which meant that it was a server sided vulnerability that caused my site to get hacked and not my fault.
However the shills over at webhostingtalk do think it is my site as according to them without even knowing what my site is called I did not properly secure my wordpress installation.

Thats just one example I have been hacked multiple times from using cheap hosting from that site!

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