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Avoid C3 Church its a prosperity cult!

If you are thinking about going to a C3 Church please don’t especially if you suffer from depression or loneliness.

C3 church was first set up in the 1980s by an Australian called Phil Pringle who is now a multi millionaire. C3 has since grown and now has churches across the world with thousands of people attending services every Sunday at one of their churches. However, just because lots of people go to these churches doesn’t mean they are biblical.

When I moved to Sheffield a couple years ago I decided to join a local C3 church because I wanted to be a Christian.
After a while I started to question what the pastors were saying on stage. They seemed more bothered about gaining more money than they were about Jesus.
I then began doing my own research into Christianity and Started watching videos made by Todd Friel on YouTube which helped me so much and showed me what real Christianity was all about. This led me to eventually leave the C3 church in Sheffield because I realized just how heretical the church actually was! I advise anyone thinking about joining a c3 church to think again because this is why…

I attended a C3 Church in Sheffield UK and this is what I learnt…

C3 church is a prosperity cult and not a biblical church. They are more bothered about making money than worshipping god.

If you go to a C3 church don’t expect to learn much at all about the bible or Jesus. Instead their services will typically focus on MONEY and why you should tithe (give money to the church) in order to receive what they call gods promises on your life such as financial miracles, job promotions and healings.
They will hardly talk about or quote the bible. If they do they will usually pick out a line from the bible totally out of context or use obscure rewritten bible versions such as “The Passion bible” to justify their warped prosperity gospel.

You wont get anything from listening to them rant for an hour about worldly things and not the bible you will only get a headache. Their services are all about manipulating and hyping people up into a trance like state to get as much money from the congregation as possible. C3 Pastors will talk about how you need to “step into faith” by tithing (giving the church money) to prove that you are a Christian. Simply giving what you can afford isn’t good enough. They will usually encourage you to donate large amounts such as 10% of your wages sometimes if a pastor is feeling really greedy they will suggest giving a whole weeks wages!

They will often use dazzling lighting, loud music and even smoke effects to heighten peoples senses to try to put people in a trance like state and as though god is “moving” and ready to give them a miracle if they donate.

C3 churches use peoples own greed and egos to extract money from them. A lot of people will go to a C3 church not for Jesus but to enrich themselves thinking God will provide them a financial miracle if they give the church money. This means that people who attend these churches are not going to fellowship with other Christians they are just going for the worst possible reasons so don’t expect to make any genuine friends there. In my experience the majority of people who attend are extremely rude, arrogant and will often shun anyone who does not fit into their cliquey C3 club. This is because they are not really true believing Christians instead they believe in a egocentric gospel one that is all about creating a god in their own image that will provide them with money and healings on demand.

I thought I had made a few friends over the years going there… but since leaving not a single person has been in touch to see why I left. Which goes to show that they were not real friends at all.

Over the years C3 and the pastors involved with the church have found themselves in various scandals. You can read about these scandals and the trouble that c3 gets themselves into on a blog called churchwatchcentral.

To conclude C3 churches are not proper biblical churches and going to one will only damage your faith, mental health and wellbeing. They are doing a disservice to god.

What do you think?

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  1. I have a C3 church 1 mile down the street from my house. They started out with about 50 people attending in an elementary school, and have grown to atleast 3,000 people who attend every Sunday. Although they do have the loud music and an entire band, I am not sure much else about them. The church is called C3 Church and it is in Clayton, NC. I’m not sure if they are like the C3 Churches that you mention in this article just because they have C3 in the title or not. I really don’t know. I wish I did.

Churches in Sheffield are soooo unfriendly!

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