Are Donald Trump’s tweets racist?

Is Donald Turmp a racist? No just a fascist.

Are Donald Trumps tweets really racist? Lets actually look at Trump’s words, paraphrased only slightly for clarity:

“Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, if they even have a functioning government at all, and who are loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States how our government is to be run….Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how.”

For starters, where does he say their home is anywhere other than the US?  They themselves like to cash in on their foreign heritage.  But he never said you belong elsewhere and don’t come back.  And I don’t doubt for a second that Trump would (and probably will, if he hasn’t already) say that to ANYONE, of any colour, who runs down the USA.  He wasn’t far off saying it with regard to Darroch; noting he had been “foisted” on America and should look at how f*cked Brexit-Britain is before criticising Trump.  

The claim he was being racist, is a big assumption. It assumes he was singling them out for their race.  If so, then why no furore about Pelosi?  The four claim they were being singled out for their race by her don’t they?

If you said the above, or even a far simpler “piss off to where you came from”, to a white congresswoman…would that, or would that not, be racist?  

For the argument that Trump is racist to hold water, that Trump is automatically racist for simply “having used those words”, you would have to deem it racist regardless of who he aims it at, surely? 

A white saying that to a white, or a black to a black, is obviously not considered racist (yet anyway). 

Many are using the fact that Trump is white and these congresswomen aren’t to make his comments automatically racist. 

But does that really work?  If I repeated his comments to two people, one Tyrone Mbeki and one Pietr Polanski, I’m being racist to Tyrone but not to Pietr?  Even though the same insult was thrown at both?  If so, I’m afraid your definition of racism has more holes in it than the Night King’s security detail and is entirely subjective.

The fact is, racism is about race.  It’s aimed at someone for their race.  If “Piss off to where you came from” is being said because I don’t like your <insert genetic trait> then fair enough.  But Trump doesn’t hate black people or want them to leave the USA.  He loves Kanye, Candice, Scherie Murray, no doubt any other black Republican and, as an ex-Democrat, he probably likes a fair number of them too.  However, he no doubt hates AOC and Omar.  Not because of their race.  Because of their statements, their outspoken opposition to him, to his policies, to his supporters and to his version of America. 

All the above is spelling out something that shouldn’t need spelling out.  The librals condeming trump are bascailly saying “its racist ‘cos it just is, because it sounds like it”.  However in reality they have no consistent definition for what is racist other than disliking the person who made the comment, the person they made it to being a different race, and the recipient being offended  Great.  Chosen people are now not allowed to insult someone of another race.  

Such free and easy throwing around of accusations will come back and bite you.  So why not be a bit more critical than simply following the herd?  Especially when in terms of getting Democrats re-elected, your herd is marching off a cliff.

Context matters.  When a racist insults someone because of their race – then that statement is probably racist.  When someone who isn’t racist insults someone because of their political views, that is not.  The comments might be hurtful, but if you make them racist regardless of intent then you’ve simply repackaged blasphemy.

 If there is no rationale for what qualifies as racist and what doesn’t, and it is entirely subjective, then you have problems.  If you really want to have confidence in your views you need to be willing to play the hypothetical; just play with the terms and see how much of the meaning is retained, see who you ascribe different values to.

The Democrats have shot themselves in the foot.  As much as any Republican might loathe voting for Trump, the alternative is likely (for them at least) even worse.

Four democrats have now become the face of the party.  The president of the US squabbles directly with them and it’s their (unpopular) policies that make the headlines.  Trump is surely loving that.  I get that progressives do not want to vote Republican because Republican = Trump.  You need to understand that conservatives will not vote Democrat because Democrat = The Squad.  There are swing voters that need to be reached out to.  Democrats won’t reach them if they are seen as the party that calls everything racist.

I don’t think people in the UK really appreciate the depth of animosity towards the progressive movement, which the Democrats represent (more so then ever, now “the squad” have become the focal point of the party).  These are people who will happily condemn Republican voters as universally racist and who are right now advocating an open border policy.  If Hillary lost an election by referring to Republican voters as deplorables, what hope is there for a party who’s most vocal activists condemn them in harsher terms, who come out with what many in the US view as anti-semitic tropes?

What do you think?

Written by James

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