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Rachel Weisz Lucky Magazine October 2011

Rachel Weisz Lucky Magazine October 2011

Rachel Weisz lights up Lucky's October 2011 issue cover. She's the thinking woman's movie star with very--very--strong opinions about footwear. Newlywed Weisz opens up to Lucky about having more children, her upcoming film Dream House and growing up in a "freaky place."

Highlights from the interview:

On having more children: "Oh, I wouldn't make one just for the sake of giving my son a sibling, But...you never know." She smiles again, nervously, proclaims her fondness for Baby Gap and then--an interesting thought in passing, considering her new husband: "There's nothing like a blue-eyed boy in a stripy shirt."

On being recognized on the streets of New York: "This is New York, where everyone is a star in their own movie; no one gives a fuck."

On her recent shopping spree: "I do appreciate a good pan and a good knife," says Weisz, who has spent less time shopping for clothes and more time cruising high-end cooking stores, in what is perhaps a nod to her altered domestic status.

On growing up in the suburbs: Her suburb was, she says, "a very freaky place." Weisz continues, "I don't know if the houses are haunted, but I think the suburbs are where bad things happen because it's the place where people try to live out bourgeois values and...well, if you don't let out what you really are, it's gonna come out in weird ways. You know? I think weird shit happens in the suburbs."

On how shoes have molded the characters she's played: "Shoes can turn you into someone else in an instant," Weisz says. "I did a film called The Brothers Bloom, and I wore really clunky boots--and I was this eccentric weirdo," she recalls. "And then in The Whistleblower"--an independent film released this August where she plays a cop who exposes a European sex trafficking ring--"I wore police boots that made me walk tough." And her latest: Dream House, a thriller opening in September: "I am a wife redoing a home we just bought, and I wore a lot of light sneakers that are all cute and homey and make me feel kind of doo-doo-doo, I'm domestic and painting."

On finding the perfect pair of shoes: "I've has this conversation with a girlfriend for 15 years that is kind of a joke, and kind of deathly serious, about finding the perfect pair of shoes," says Weisz. "I always want to feel like a can take off if I have to--the British expression is, 'shoes that let you run for the bus'--but I love high heels too."

On why she finds wearing high heels fun: "Sometimes it's fun wearing very high heels and feeling needy...needy is great because you feel you need to rely on someone."

On Alexander McQueen's designs: "His pieces are works of art, but he had such a bizarre relationship to his own body...he was always on diets and...well, my perception is that his clothes were almost like torture instruments."

On her childhood career dreams: "Actually, I wanted to be a detective. And a paleontologist. I was really into fossils. Though perhaps I was just trying to impress adults that I knew that word."

What she's wearing on the cover:
Top: Edith A. Miller
Skirt: Elizabeth and James
Necklace: Marni
Cuff: Swarovski

Photo Credit:
Ben Watts/Lucky Magazine

The October issue is on nationwide newsstands September 6th













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