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Halle Berry not talking about Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry not talking about Olivier Martinez

Beauty Halle Berry refused to speak on her romance with hunky French actor Olivier Martinez during a recent interview.

"Oh, I'm not talking about that. I'm sorry, it's private," she said, adding that she's "a hopeless romantic. As to whether I'm looking for romance, that is all kind of personal."

"I share the childcare with Gabriel -- we have a really good situation that works out nicely," she said. "And we also have help when we need it, because we both work. I'm madly in love with my daughter, and I'm happy that I waited till I was a little older because I really can enjoy every aspect of being a mother."




Possibly because she's promoting a movie, trying to win another Oscar and doesn't need the negative comments surround their real/fake relationship, to steal her thunder at this time?

I know we've all grown accustomed to Halle airing her dirty laundry or spilling the beans about her private life for the last 10-15 years plus, she's just playing it safe.

RE: hopeless romantic? Maybe? Nice way of her saying that her comments about her stud arrangement with Gabriel Aubry was to redefine marriage in her fantasy world didn't bode too well in her real world only to reduce him in Vogue as some karmic paid in-vitro sperm donor. LMAO.

Plus he lies of not giving interviews about her private life for three years?

Guess she forgot her bogus interviews in Essence, Esquire and Harper's Bazaar that she didn't give singing Gabe's praises?

RE: her parenting -sure she's a great mother. I am sure she and Aubry have a wonderful arrangement, what's she supposed to say they've got shared custody and he still gets his monthly check that he's gotten over the last 4+ years. Being half serious. Yes, they've got the appearance of a good arrangement.

Her comment was only to ward off the comments from this summer of he was her paid babysitter while filming Dark Tide in South Africa/London because folks new it was total bs when she was seen with her nanny on staff, bodyguards and her manager.

As for Martinez, who knows what's the real deal etc or how long past the Oscars/their movie release he'll still be around.

@info411 So judgemental are we. Hlalle's first marraige was close to 20 yeaars ago and her second ended over seven years ago. And who doesn't talk about a person
they are in a relationship with? Good Grief! I don't think either of the husbands really meant her any good . So what was lost? Nothing. If we all had a crystal ball perhaps we would make better choices bcause the last time I checked the divorce rate was 50% for non celebrities.

I don't think Info411 is being judgmental. They are just stating what's already out there as known fact and some of the popular consensus on the internet in their critique. It's Halle Berry's choice, if she doesn't wish to share her private life or not. She does have a movie that's been semi-released and is hoping for an Oscar. In the past every time she'd have a movie out, she'd talk about her baby plans or bashing the exes which would always coincide with one of their honors which Parade magazine and other media called her out on. So the poster's statement seems okay with me. As for the rest, again that info is on the internet, whether true or not.














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