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Mariah Carey demands Nick Cannon start acting less like a frat boy

Mariah Carey demands Nick Cannon start acting less like a frat boy

Mom-to-be Mariah Carey is demanded Nick Cannon start acting less like a frat boy and more like a dad, The ENQUIRER reports.

"Mariah's tightening her leash on Nick," an insider told The ENQUIRER. "She's putting him on a budget, and restricting the time he's allowed to spend with his pals."

"Mariah sat Nick down and hammered home the point that with a baby coming he needed to make some big changes," the source confided.

"She's always been a control freak with Nick, but now she's scrutinizing his every move and acting like a drill sergeant."




she is the one who needs to grow up-and marrying someone young enough to be her kid was just another way she is refusing to grow up-to imagine that someone who 's whole image and career is based on her delusional 13 year old fairy princess diva "I'm sooo molested" sex doll soft porn image with some machine made pop music behind it is ridiculous-she doesn't even have the brain function of a grown up-she thinks talking about being pregnant is a jinx and might hurt her baby-when packing on 80lbs after a miscarriage before getting pregnant again (and she had the first miscarriage for a reason as well) then getting the Dr. Frankenstiens to shoot you up with the most god awful things imaginable to implant another kid-then tour around the world and wear stilettos until they can no longer hold your weight and flopp around on stage like a dying fish at 40 years old-all of that is what will be bad for pregnancy and is ALL totally preventable not a "jinx" -that is if you live in the real world and not some delusional fantasy where unless you get everything you want and now the sky starts to fall- if Mariah really wanted kids she would have made it happen in her 30's and not married a child and go around riding his arse to "grow up" having kids is what she wants NOW after getting everything she really wanted first-besides if anyone needs to be a drill sargent it would be Mariah's dietician-that person is really slacking here-gaining that massive amount of weight BEFORE getting pregnant unnaturally at 40 is a sure way for Mariah and her baby to have diabetes and a host of health problems-but none of that should matter as long as mariah gets her way. Nick is at least trying to get her to wear shoes that won't threaten the life of his unborn child and her excuse is her feet were born deformed so they only fit high heels-really Mariah-that is pretty stupid, ignorant, delusional, self centered and completely immature, not to mention a made up lie to further your pathetic need to be some kind of 13 year old mentally arrested "I'm soo molested sex doll" look at me , soft porn fragile fairy tale princess delusional image she has for herself-reality Mariah-your HUGE over 40 and you look extremely stupid strutting around on stage at 250lbs with a barbie tiara on-














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